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  1. Premier league clubs would bite your hand off if you offered them a relegation play off. It reduces the risk of relegation probability and associated financial losses. If there was a vote on it tomorrow it would pass…. Football league clubs would vote against it in my opinion as it reduces their chances of going up. Although don’t Scottish league clubs use this system? I could possibly see the league adopting the national league play off system where 7th plays 6th in a ‘quarter final’….. I think championship clubs would find this appealing?
  2. My Leeds friend says it’s become a bit of a cult classic and they call it the ‘fruit salad’ kit after the sweets. He won’t have a bad word said against it.. However he’s in 1975 mode when they ‘won’ the European cup. It turns out they over ordered them by the thousands… They dropped the price down to £20 and in true Yorkshire/Leeds fashion, he bought one for his new girlfriend for Valentine’s Day (£18 with season ticket discount) 🙄 P.S He also wants Farke gone by the semi with ‘Hull’🙄 (His words not mine) I just read his drunken rant this morning. Blames infiltration of Norwich mentally, reminded him of Fulham 05’ blah blah blah Its like Paul Lambert vs Leeds all over again 🙄
  3. I remember the fanfare of signing Thomas Helveg and Mattias Jonson who were considered top international players at the time. Everyone seemed to be excited about them, myself included…. But both were hugely disappointing and under average. I was dumbfounded when Jonson lined up against England in the 2006 World Cup when we played Sweden. I would have combusted had he scored against us!
  4. Gillingham. The only professional league club in the whole of Kent. No local competition but never seem to do anything and have languished in the lower leagues for what seems like forever. up until very recently Brighton. Similar to Gillingham with a large population in the surrounding area. Until Crawley moved up through the leagues they were the only professional club in East and West Sussex. 3 professional clubs in a very large chunk of South East England is a poor show in itself with very little silverware on show.
  5. Emi Buendia worth a mention for the amount of profit we made? Picked him up for less than 2 million was it? Decent business.
  6. I was at the 4-4 match in my university days.... I remember the players tunnel bouncing up and down and almost flying over the stand due to the aftermath carnage! Great game. I also remember a great/classic picture of a few players celebrating when our 4th went in. I don’t have it anymore, but I just knew we’d go up from the sheer determination on their faces!
  7. A few years ago now I was on holiday abroad with 3 other friends, 2 were Coventry fans and the other was Leeds. we had a day of wearing our club shirts and were on the lash…. A local kept on staring at us for a good period of time and we couldn’t figure out why…. Eventually he came over and with a straight face genuinely asked if we were the ‘Darren Huckerby Appreciation Society’… Myself and my Coventry mates burst out laughing whilst my Leeds mate was disgusted beyond belief. Turns out the local was a Newcastle fan… He went home and returned wearing his club shirt and wanted a picture with us all… it took a few pints and 20 mins or so of me convincing my Leeds mate to join in but that picture now sits framed on my wall (with him looking miserable) entitled ‘DHAS’ Good times and always cheers me up looking at it.
  8. Brought back memories as a kid this thread… John Hartson- I remember his shorts looking circus tents! Carl Bradshaw - Didn’t he end up biting the finger of a taxi driver and served time? Darel Russel - When he came back. From memory there might have been some animosity from fans when he rejected a contract offer the first time. So we sold him, bought him back at higher price a few years later, then he turned down another contract and we sold him again. Shaun Carey - signed a professional contract after coming up from youth team. Was on our books for years it seemed, but didn’t make many appearances? Was it due to injury? I really can’t remember much about him or what he did? Jason Jarrett - Enough said the better. Peter Thorne - As above Jurgen Colin - Big things were expected of him. Yanic Wildschut - fairly recent, but nearly fell off my chair when I read we payed up to £7 million for him!
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