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  1. nick oakley

    Crawley game.

    Thanks Canaryking, .
  2. nick oakley

    Crawley game.

    Can anyone confirm that as season ticket holder buying your seat for a cup game, you use your card to gain entry, and not a ticket. This is my first season as a season ticket holder, and just want to make sure this is the case, apologies if I seem a bit dense!!! Cheers O.T.B.C.
  3. nick oakley

    Leon Barnett

    He''s better than Turner in my opinion , Turner is a liability, and makes far too many mistakes which invariably cost us goals, hope Mr Hughton gets a decent centre half in to give us competition , hopefully putting Turner down the pecking order.
  4. nick oakley

    Excellent interview with Lambert in Guardian

    Thank our lucky stars we have this man as our manager, the players must love playing for such a positive, and driven man, with Mr Lambert at the helm ,i have no doubt we will survive in this league. O.T.B.C.

  5. nick oakley

    Message to all Cardiff fans!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahah ha ha
  6. nick oakley

    Sounds like we're going up as Champions

    Cardiff may not finish 3rd yet, if they lose to Burnley, and Swansea beat Sheff Utd, Swansea would finish 3rd,promoting them if QPR have to go in the playoffs.
  7. nick oakley

    Tears anyone

    Yes so proud i had a few private tears, cant wait for Saturday, ita gonna be a great atmosphere, and Paul Lambert is a football genius!! O.T.B.C.
  8. nick oakley

    What a team

    I don,t post on here often, but i feel i have to salute the team for their never say die attitude, i feel that, along with the quality we have, will see us play Premiership football next season, and in Mr Lambert we have the best manager in the league, his man management, and tactical nous is second to non, the self belief and mental strength he has instilled into the players is incredible, its going to be nerve wracking, but i truly believe we will finish the job. O.T.B.C.

  9. nick oakley

    Portsmouth ticket voucher

    Would any one like my voucher for the Portsmouth game,i cant get to that game and would hate some one to miss out cos they cant get a ticket, email me and we can arrange for me to post it to you.
  10. nick oakley

    Trouble by the coaches

    Does any one know what all the trouble was about near the coaches? loads of fans having a right go at the stewards and police
  11. nick oakley

    Evans coming back?

    Muddy funster, i moved here 7 years ago from my beloved Norwich, still get to see around 9 or10 games a season, let me know where you are, maybe we could arrange a meeting, O.T.B.C.
  12. nick oakley

    Paul Lambert at Carrow Road tomorrow

    Just said on ssn that Lambo has had meeting with the board at the ground, and will be at Carrow Road tomorrow,
  13. nick oakley


    Couldn,t help seeing that while we had a full house for an under 21 playoff game of 25700, Wales could only muster a paltry 14700 for a euro qualifier against Bulgaria, which i think is pathetic. So much for the passionate Welsh, it just goes to show that we are true football fans, and follow our team and country in outstanding attendances, also our away following is brilliant as well, by the way the Welsh FA wanted the games moved to the Cardiff City Stadium to get a red hot atmosphere to intimidate their opponents,what a waste of time that was, Come on England ,And Come on you Yellows.O.T.B.C.
  14. nick oakley

    qpr and cardiff

    At the moment we need not fear any team, we just have to keep this momentum up, and any thing is possible, these teams are beatable, and remember Palace got a point at Cardiff and should have won the game, and we are a better side than Palace. With lambo at the helm, and the quaulity in our squad we can go into these next 4 games with confidence, O.T.B.C.