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  1. grant has not done a lot to win me over but we will see next year now. you get far too many idiots on canary call, neil adams being the biggest one! does he spend most of his life sitting on a certain fence?
  2. im  sure today passed off peacefully. im not aware of anything different. well done to the norfolk constables.
  3. prison cooking with chas and dave?
  4. Lets be fair to smudger she did sound dodgy. no im not sexist but does that mean i have to like it? she probably will get better but she sounded awful last night. as for gabby yorath, i dont like her either, not a sexist thing but she does not fit the footy broacasting bill. i do however like and have met kirsty gallagher and helen chamberlin so dont call me sexist, i just didnt like it.
  5. what happened? i heard of no trouble? 
  6. i''ve submitted a complaint on the sky sports website for all the good it''ll do, whats the point in that? why would they want to show our derby of local pride only over a derby of 2 promotion chasing and bigger teams? Ill be honest, i cant think of a norwich game worth being on sky since the burnley home defeat anyhow.
  7. the new age fans as you call them who latched onto the club during the promotion season and to a lesser extent the play off season are still there. I work with manc, spurs and liverpool so called fans who brought season tickets that year and are still keeping them as they think we will be back in the prem soon. smudger: im sure when i 1st joined this site you said you were ready to take over lee olivers campaign. im sorry if thats incorrect,maybe the pinkun team or someone else could confirm this. no offence mate. although im not in favour of demos, i do think if we found the right people a new board is would be a positive thing and the idea of milan mandaric would have had my approval for what its worth as the fellas clearly ambitious.
  8. wolves v brum is on instead because its a derby, more important game and we are lead to believe both are bigger clubs. Fair enough by sky.
  9. did mention on here to the leicester fan about worthys passion for defending 1 or 2 goal leads rather than try to increase them
  10. any mention of "poitives" or "energy levels" or "character" by worthy after the game?
  11. jas the barclay king: martin o`neil would not have left us anyway for a bigger club like leicester. thats like saying peter grants using us as a stepping stone for stoke? foxile: good luck with worthy but if hes brought his own staff in hes staying on in some sort of role. be ready for his press conferences and enjoy playing spot the difference with his others as the guy repeats himself  constantly,energy levels, positives etc. also if you are a goal or 2 up at half time expect to watch leicester sit back and defend the lead then lose or draw. expect negative football and strange subsitions and expect a 3-1 win for norwich on saturday.
  12. there was a chat on talksport around xmas about blackburn charging £36 for the cheapest seat for a home game. blackburn fans are fairly fairweather with empty seats for games against big clubs and small clubs but is it the price or lack of support. im sure if it was norwich people would go no matter what the price. i myself once follishly paid £120 for a norwich ticket against fulham but i would do it all again. what happenend to the blackburn fans when they won ther league? have they all started supporting chelsea? not exactly much traveling costs involved either. i know the prices are steep but you pay more for a better seat in theory and it could be the only time they reach the final in recent years. there support is pathetic.i never have liked blackburn and hope they get stuffed. although im not a fan of the mancs i would also love to see them hammer the glory hunting watford fans who are no-where to be seen in the championship and now sell out every week. as you may have guessed i detest glory hunters-even the ones that latched onto norwich when things were rosey and now moan at a draw or defeat.
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