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  1. Congratulations to all at Norwich and the fans on your 1st place finish.
  2. No definitely not. Had some awful VAR (non) decisions last season. Which definitely cost us points. Although having said that, we have had some hilariously bad refereeing decisions both ways this season. Still not sure how Bournemouth lad didn't get a red for hacking down Sarr after 3 minutes in our home game against them.
  3. It is possible! True you've improved but your team selection, tactics and style of play have shown more continuity, and you had a bit of quality to win those games. Mentally you were on it quicker after relegation. I think it was a big shock to us and we had a lot of uncertainty in the squad before the window closed. We had to pull out an incredible run of form from nowhere and watch while Brentford and Swansea binned far better positions; still can't believe we're up with 2 games to go.
  4. Hughes, Sierralta and maybe Chalobah on his day. Sarr would have been better if we'd actually worked out how to use him properly...
  5. It's not impossible! We did last season with 2 games to go. Really really happy we are up, given how badly we played half the season. Slightly regretful we didn't wake up earlier and given you more of a run for your money but you fully deserve the title for your consistency.
  6. Yes, not sure we paid that much for Gosling or Ekong. Would be pleasantly surprised if we did. We don't usually splash out even in the Prem; we don't have mega-rich owners and Sarr was the exception and by far our record signing. Norwich building gradually and bringing through younger players alongside unearthing some bargains like Pukki is admirable. Our lack of investment in defence is blamed by many of our fans, but it was actually lack of goals that cost us more in our relegation season. Guess finding a reliable goalscorer or two at Prem level will remain a challenge for most promoted teams including us.
  7. Hi all Thanks for the very fair comments on Sarr. He and Buendia the best players in the league and happen to play the same position. Can't argue much with the midfield or strikers they went with but the defence is.... odd. Morrison? Watford fans still laughing that of all our players Masina got in the team after half a season of being Ok. The actual controversial one for us is Aarons over Femenia; backed up if you believe the stats websites. Certainly Kiko is our most consistent performer and has been much improved in defence as well as linking up superbly with Sarr.
  8. Indeed, Watford have to try just in case but basically it's already yours. Not that I'd complain if we did catch you!
  9. We aren't up yet! COYH I don't honestly think we'll catch you though, unless you lose all 3. Unlikely.
  10. Omibamidele looked OK from what I saw. I'm rather counting on continuing our winning run against you next season, could be our only wins of the season!
  11. Some good points here. Yes Watford (my team) spent big on Sarr. We'd been 4 years in the prem to allow this, and made decent money selling on players like Richarlison. The plan will still be to sell him on for a profit at some point. But Watford fans will tell you we've underinvested in defence and centre forward for the last 3-4 years. This season I think with the possible exception of Gosling, none of our incoming players have cost anything. Sanchez, Sierralta, Ngakia, Zinckernagel were all on frees. We've had to sell Doucoure, Capoue, Deulofeu, Pereyra etc. and we are still in a big financial hole paying big wages to Deeney and Gray who've added very little and who we couldn't sell. If and when we go up it will be huge for us; without promotion we'd be selling our decent players and facing who knows how long in the Championship. The Norwich model appears more sustainable but doesn't always seem to give you a great chance of staying up.
  12. Hi there As a Watford fan I think the difference was more about us working hard and pressing you than the 'physicality' of our players. Hughes, Sarr and Pedro are all technically very good. So is Femenia who was suspended. Yes you've consistently played 'better' football all season but it was intensity plus skill that did for you on the night, and not letting you get into a rhythm. I do accept if you had more riding on the game you'd have been more up for it. Also that you had some defenders out. We respected what Buendia could do and tried to stop him. You didn't really do the same for Sarr. Hanley looks one heck of a good player on that showing though. Good luck in the Prem!
  13. Hi folks Watford fan here. First of all, congratulations on promotion. Clearly well deserved, you've been very consistent and very good this year. Regards how physical Watford are, that's a strange one. We got totally bullied by Luton in the previous game. Hughes and Cleverley work very hard but they aren't exactly monstrous in there, Hughes is over 6' but Clevs is only 5'9. Our defence were big lads on the night, but Sarr, Pedro and Sema aren't particularly tall or good in the air. On this occasion we were more up for it and also tried to mark your best players out of it; whereas Sarr seemed to have as much room as he wanted as you tried to play the same as you usually do. Do you think Farke will be more flexible with his system against a team like us that pressed you when it comes to next season?
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