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  1. Cheers. Just been told that a few guys are going in the Pump House in Hotwells. 8 of us here now already for a few pints.
  2. Just got to Bristol, staying with inlaws in Kingswood. Where are most Norwich fans going for drink tomorrow?
  3. Yes all of those four. Plus: Ashton McKenzie Henderson Ryan Jarvis That I can think of without watching it again. Merry Christmas.
  4. Just got this DVD for my Birthday and watched it this afternoon. Got to say there are some great goals. But none of the following players have made the DVD!!!! Keith Bertchin   Kevin Drinkell   John Deehan    Mick Channon   And may be more that I can not think of at this moment.  
  5. Morocco 1 up after 2mins. Youseff Safri booked after 5 mins.
  6. I think Spurs have only paid 1m up front for Davenport. The other 2m was depending on number of appearances for Spurs and International call ups.  
  7. I think you''ll find that we will only pay £750,000 if he makes a certain number of appearances. At the moment we''ve only paid about £350,000.
  8. Although I am a season ticket holder, I have missed 2 games this season, but in the games I''ve seen including yesterday, Gary Holt does appear to pick up the ball in some great shooting positions. So far when he has had a shot, I don''t think he has managed to hit the target once.   Now I''m not one for knocking any of the lads but with only 9 goals scored this season, we need Gary to start to knock some of these opportunities in.    
  9. USAcanary please tell me do you play Black Jack??? If you don''t then there is another Norwich City fan living in Rolla, Missouri!!!
  10. I live in Norwich but have spent a lot of time in Chicago on business. Just got back from Chicago on Monday (This was holiday) Always stay in the Marriott at Schaumburg not far from the Woodfield Mall when on business. Spent 5 nights in a Marriott just off Michigan Ave on this trip and a few nigths at Schaumburg. Its a great City I love it. PS USAcanary do you have a brother called Karl who lives in Blackpool?
  11. Mate, We''re Top of The League We''re all having a laugh!!!
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