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  1. I watched the 2015 play off semi in King and Queens when I lived in Brighton and there were at least 20 Norwich fans in there - great atmosphere! Oddly enough Russell Martin’s nan stopped me in my Norwich shirt in Aldi afterwards - sounds as though his family down there all support Norwich as well now.
  2. Although he has played in a back 3, he is only 5ft 7 so doesn't help us really in height terms - slightly easier for Man U to get away with that in the Europa League or whatever competition they were playing in at the time. I personally think that it's likely no prem team could guarantee he would start, so they are resigned to him going somewhere as occasional back up with Dalot and Telles already in those roles at Man U. If he joins he's probably second choice at LB and RB so has a decent chance of playing a fair few games.
  3. He may be right footed but has generally played at LB including at youth level (also on the left of a back 3 for United, which could be handy) so think it would be an odd signing if it was a like for like Aarons' replacement. Maybe there just wasn't as much interest from Prem teams as Man U expected so they've resorted to sending him to us even though we can't guarantee playing time? Would explain why it had stalled for a few weeks.
  4. Agreed - I always think Zimmermann needs a few games to get up to speed, which isn't very useful if he's 3rd/4th choice
  5. Warming to it - their recent kits actually seem pretty nice
  6. I'd also like to throw Grant Hanley in there. Always seemed like a decent enough defender when he arrived but at the same time could be a bit of a clumsy hoofer. Farke has really improved his confidence and ability on the ball. In the last promotion season I don't remember Zimmerman, Klose or even Godfrey being this comfortable passing it about. Many Scotland fans groaned as he was recalled to their recent squad, then seemed to be pleasantly surprised when they actually saw him play.
  7. From last season (unsure how accurate, have seen different figures: https://www.statista.com/statistics/254513/value-of-jersey-kit-sponsorships-in-the-barclays-premier-league-by-club/) Remember hearing somewhere that Aviva in the final year where we were sponsored by the Community Fund they were paying virtually nothing for shirt sponsorship.
  8. Was clear after Van Dijk's header in the first game that we were really going to struggle defensively. Felt like that was why Farke persisted with Stiepermann just because he could at least be used as a marker from set pieces. CM should be where we invest most heavily if we go up - not sure how Phil Billing has done this season but could be an option (granted - he has already been relegated twice). Would also offer a large loan fee to tempt Spurs to let us have Skipp again - seems increasingly unlikely though.
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