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  1. Not sure his breach of Covid regs has anything to do with it, look at Greenwood and Foden they both broke the rules during England's trip to Iceland, but are now in the England squad? Sadly it looks like Maddision is going to have to go up one or two levels to get in ahead of the likes of Mount etc. I don't think he has scored enough.. I do also wonder if longterm, he might need to move to one of the more favoured Prem Teams playing regular Champs league?
  2. Oh dear, are you the modern day stato or extremely bored?
  3. Little out of order saying this about him? He was a pro Footballer not a Statistcian
  4. Totally, how would Rhodes offer any kind of progression?
  5. Not sure how the likes of Dowell and Idah can impress when out injured? Also they are young lads, so surely it is better to not rush them back and throw back into the physcalites of championship football?
  6. This is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen on any football forum.. These lads are permitted the odd bad game in a season.... Hopefully we will be in the prem, so will not be required to sell our prized assets! Wake up and smell the coffee mate...
  7. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/city-end-soto-telstar-loan-early-6921402 Your opening paragraph is essentially a re hashed copy and paste from this article you imagine or David Freezer imagines?
  8. Do you think with xavi it is based on him playing a number of games? Few concerns with his fitness, hence why the link to Greek Lb?
  9. Is the Hugill deal already agreed? Thought he played well yesterday but long term is he going to offer much in the prem?
  10. BTW, He is not totally learning men's football in Holland, thought it was more out of future work permit application necessity?
  11. Little bit of difference between the Dutch Second division standard to potential Premier league player
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