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  1. But assume he might need a llttle time to recover post group games?
  2. Oh I did wonder if the championship would be paused also? I had thought a team needed to have 2 or 3 players called up?
  3. Assuming Sarge makes the USA world cup squad, does anyone know when the squads are submitted? Guess we are going to face at least 6 weeks without him?
  4. I could have googled him also 🤣
  5. Just saw being linked with a champ move from Fulham , could be our next left back? Anyone know much about him?
  6. Did a few pounds impact Jan Molby? Maybe this guy controls the game from centre circle also?
  7. Good call mate, maybe plan for next season already?
  8. But sadly these games should have come in pre season... Cannot be allowing him a few games now to sharpen his craft.
  9. Not pulling any punches there mate, did someone get out of bed on the wrong side?
  10. All great points, but how much do you think a 10 to 15 goal prem standard striker is going to cost? And it is not like we would have no competition for his signature? Add in the fact all the teams across the top leagues in Europe are scouting the world for such a player... Think sadly they went all in for "potentially" Rashica and Sargent to produce some goals?
  11. Not sure Lampard is a good example, look where he ended up last season?
  12. 350k fee, seems a little excessive. Hardly a free transfer and a punt?
  13. Kabak on prem wages in championship, no thanks.
  14. Good call, I mean we all know the quality of the SPL vrs Prem.... Kabab has already played over 10 games for Liverpool and I did hear he was quite unlucky they did not take up the option to keep him. He will be fired up to prove himself this season and lucky we will get the benefit of this...
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