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  1. at least we know tzolis has a half tidy shot on him from 20 yards just not 12
  2. for what its worth, I wasnt really just talking about that game or trying to single him out, his mistakes were painful to watch in the leicester game, very naive and typical of inexperience, and farke persisted with him, a young loanee from man utd, instead of playing the guy who played last season and we paid x million for the greek wasnt injured as far as im aware ?
  3. What i dont understand, is how hanley and gibson, who are kind of championship level "bruiser" type centre backs, cant defend a header from a corner
  4. physically weak, defensively clueless, this is liverpools B team, yes i know theres some decent players there but its probably not a top 12 prem team
  5. sorry, but hes full of errors, we are blooding another teams youngster, hope hes not on some gaurenteed to start contract
  6. whilst he is a throw back, i think if you got him in now he would at least tighten the defence, we cant continue like they are just out of sheer stubboness and some german feeder club mentality of nurturing youngsters technical skills for profit we cant defend, have no plan b, and apparently arent willing to try anything different, we are going down, possibly with the lowest points haul ever if we carry on as is, its a shambles I dont like him, but if he kept the club in the league by a point from horrible to watch grinding dull rubbish then great, sack him at the end of the year and build with someone with a bit more style. Every time we go down the gap widens, regardless if you bounce back
  7. i fondly refer to her as the broke **** stubborn witch tbh
  8. no ? no one ? wouldnt take a grinding big sam season for 1 year to keep us in the league ? you sure ?
  9. i see no reason to wait, he clearly cant find another way of playing to cope at this level im not sure whats happening on the training ground but maybe we need to hire some specialist defensive coaches or something its CONSTANT errors and mistakes because we are trying to play like we have stones and dias and not ****ing grant hanley
  10. we continue to do the same ****e that we arent capable of at this level williams and hanley all over the place continue to try play it out from the back despite not being technically competent enough to do it, instantly being closed down because theres no plan b, and we have no height or strength to go longer while persisting with pukki (hes great, but he gives us zero options for an alternative way of playing) at least TRY something different for crying out loud, theres no point having a "style" if it doesnt cut it in the top division because everyone knows how to beat you
  11. wouldnt be any worse than this shower
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