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  1. Finnish football commentator was sad because Pukki plays in Norwich he said that he would have the skills to play in a bit better team
  2. Mackrel829 politely said his opinion and everyone starts making fun of hiim like little insecure bullies...
  3. His funniest moment was when he recenrly said that Hanley is the most talented player in NCFC.
  4. Great team effort, everyone played well. Pukki should have scored some goals, but you can't always score. You gotta give him credit though, he makes those perfectly timed runs, not many players can create so many chances with their sharp movement, of course you need good passes too and the passes were spot on in this game. Defense was rock solid, good win.
  5. Hi! I can't enter the forums. It gives me the "bad request" text when I try to enter the forum section. But if I clear my browsing history and cookies, it allows me to enter with no problems, but when I try to enter later I have to clear the history again. I only have these problems with my phone, I live in Finland.
  6. Should I place my last 1K to this match? I need the extra money, is this a safe bet? thanks :S
  7. Hi I am new here. I am from Finland and I've bought viaplay package so I could watch Norwich games, but unfortunately they dont show all of their matches. Is there any free link where I could stream it?
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