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  1. A large dump from the Desk. A ballad sung around the old sea pubs in the south of England ports. It's called the The big 149 dump & lie O'2020. Southamption to Win!!!
  2. I'm starting a new betting site as my bets keep winning, but they never pay out. Vegas know, America knows, but do we get what we're owed. Bored of 5/6s come to dub dub dub.trumpbet.com. Shaun Murphy to WIN!!! I support the social media ban and won't be tweeting.
  3. "A party with no policies except pursuing whatever keeps them in power" Sounds likes a party of winners!!!
  4. Its your inciter in chief,the powder keg king.Sit back! Behold my squander as my casinos blow you away. Democrats eh,good at hiding, but they can't even close the barn doors after the ole Trump has bolted.The movement has only just begun. Alphington to Win!!!
  5. I am the Resurrection Victorius!!! Massive waste of the captiols time and effort which only highlights one thing. The Presidents poplularity merely shields the ongoing corrupt day to day of the American polictican system. Democrat/Republics its just one massive swamp. I'll be back!
  6. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Gone is the virus ridden rat combated by our mircale vaccine. So beautiful it truel is, but I wonder what they have in store for us this year. Pardubice to WIN!
  7. That trial is DEAD on Arrival, but I'm reading the little book of woke and it's got me thinking.Is it too late to impeach George Washington for owning slaves? I don’t see how we can let that slide. Ausburgh to maintain my 100%!!!
  8. New kissy style just out now and in colour! Melania loves it and is suggesting something called snowballing? Never been a fan of winter sports.
  9. I wish my successor(which could be me) all the best building on my teams hard work. Here in sunny Florida I'm stirring up my fortress maelstrom We will see you soon. LUTON TO WIN!!!
  10. In continuance of my amazing world beating American money making machines. A terrific amount made. The famous agony aunt Aunty Donald brings you!!! Trump Toilet Paper(aka mail in ballots) - For when life is on the Skids! Soft, Luxurious and Fully Absorbant
  11. Trump is always on the menu. I've great appeal.
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