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  1. That story is from 2018. The expenditure in question is from the last year.
  2. What an amazing coincidence! https://www.communitysportsfoundation.org.uk/meet-the-team/zoe-ward/
  3. It really isn't. In 2007/08 a £2.5m loan was approx 13% of NCFC income (and 95% of the club's TV income) This season a £15m loan will be approx 20% of NCFC income, and just 30% of TV income. Obviously these figures shrink (12% overall & 14% of TV income) if promoted. And if, after seven years, NCFC are without any PL cash then Attanasio's input will clearly have done us no good!
  4. We have already been through this with the Turners, so suspect the current Board think they are adequately prepared. In any case, I would hope that the legal agreement ensures the safety of NCFC (any loan repayment being under manageable terms)
  5. So you didn't check to see what changes were being proposed? With a (potential) holding of £100k wouldn't that have been a good idea?
  6. You use the word "errata". Where does this word appear on the original letter (I assume you mean the Notice of General Meeting?)
  7. What's actually a bit naughty is propagating an untruth. Resolution 3 was to adopt the new Articles of Association, "to the exclusion of the Company's existing articles..." So clearly changes were being made to the Articles. While it may have been preferable for the club to have produced a 'What is changing' summary (like banks do for retail customers) it is absolutely not true that the 'director without shares' change was somehow smuggled in without notification.
  8. https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20220830-sammy-chung-1932-2022/ 48 City appearances, scoring nine goals. Evening Star tweeted this news two hours ago, yet the Norwich arm of Archant stays silent.
  9. I have been sitting in the Lower Barclay for 20 years, and even before this season the floodlilghts were so strong (and at such an angle) that I sometimes wore a cap to night games, to offset the dazzzle. I am quite sure the club's view will be that the new lights are required for broadcast (and goalline technology)
  10. The incident 100% happened. David Sadler, 24 years old of Caister, was the victim. I believe that a collection for his family was taken at a subsequent home match. The incident happened on the Norwich > Kings Cross line with the body being discovered at Finsbury Pk
  11. https://www.canaries.co.uk/club/supporters-panel-meeting-27-07-2022
  12. Ironic that you are posting this on an Archant messageboard, as they have put the PinkUn's matchday coverage behind a paywall too.
  13. The club have released some interesting details about the Birmingham cup match: "Fans will also be given the opportunity to purchase tickets in a designated singing section. Please note that fans in this area will be standing." Does this mean that rail seats have been installed over the summer? Or are there new light-touch ground regs that allow standing in seated areas?
  14. Kensall made it pretty clear that complaints he received about the Rotherham & Villa games that season were influential in monetising the Away ticketing process. This - and other Membership changes - were unpopular with the vast majority and will ensure that thousands of City fans now have to pay more to follow their team. Thanks.
  15. Did you complain to the club about not getting a ticket to the Rotherham game?
  16. It is not a case of 'knowing', it is just common sense and (football) economics. Not having the exact figures does not prevent a logical conclusion being reached.
  17. The club took more catering income in 2019/20 (14 home fixtures) than in 2018/19 (26 home fixtures) Per the Accounts the club takes £328k for each PL match and £165k for each one in the Champs. That makes about a £2m difference for a full season. You'll sell far more lucrative Hospitality deals (seat with grub) against PL oppo
  18. On relegation TV income will drop by £45m. Income from sponsorship & catering will drop by another £8m. So the club needs to save approx £50m just to break-even. Meanwhile, despite all the bluster about relegation clauses, the wage bill is not likely to drop by more than £35m. So, there's a £15m hole to fill, straight away. Without making a single signing or improving a single contract.
  19. I can see the results now: '95% of fans want Safe Standing', even though the survey was not worded in quite that way. The stupid thing is that many of those in the Lower Barclay do not actually 'want' to stand, but having got some of the best views in the ground are loath to give them up and move elsewhere. Many of those behind the safe standing push are likely to be relative new-comers with seats in the outer blocks or in the front rows - and because the front row stands the row behind them stands, then the next row and the next and back it goes.
  20. No, it isn't pointless. It highlights the massive disparity in wages between tier 1 and tier 3 clubs. Adshead was playing first team football in his home town. He chose to move some 200 miles and step down to 'development' football If you don't believe that his choice was influenced by a significant rise in wages then I am not sure you understand how the football economy works.
  21. If D-P or Omotoye can't perform in a relegation battle, lacking service & support, then they clearly have no future at Norwich City!
  22. Gillingham's wage bill in 2020/21 was £4.65m Norwich's wage bill in 2020/21 was £54.6m Please explain why you believe that the wages we pay Adshead would have been matched by Gillingham (or a Dutch D2 club)?
  23. Surely the only logical place for the drum would be in a ground that isn't sold out every week and where it won't annoy fans who have paid money to watch drum-free football.
  24. @Feedthewolf (and any other OSP members on here) IMO this is exactly what the OSP is for. Please bring up this issue at the next meeting, highlighting: 1. the ways that voting can be made more secure (e.g. votes only to those with a customer #) 2. the very poor comms of the Vote, the announcement and the presentation 3. the disrespect this shows to Barry Butler (and his family). Maybe add that a certain someone would be highly insulted if the Young Player Award (I believe) was treated in the same way 4. Seek answers for these actions And if you feel that the meeting will only sit up and take notice if opinion is widespread, maybe run a poll on this site in order to get a wide view?
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