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  1. I always thought that if I saw pages of people cheering one of our players getting a long term injury just to show rightfully skeptical people how wrong they were to not believe something without evidence, then it would be the end of my time here.That day has finally come.Well done to the regulars of the Pink''Un messageboard. You have turned a mediocre forum run using terrible scripts on equally shoddy servers into a truly one-of-a-kind experience. I don''t believe there''s anywhere else in the world you can find such a smorgasbord of banality, repetition and dullness.
  2. Think I found him again in the directors box, sitting on the opposite side to Delia, next to guys in Panathinaikos tops. Guess it''s just someone connected to the Greek club.Link to the photo
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]as i said my eyes aren''t great but im 99% certain thats Redmond not Hughton. look at the hair.[/quote]Redmond was warming up at the time in white top, black shorts and orange boots (got the video of it).
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]my eyes aren''t great but where is Hughton in this picture?[/quote]Dead center. Right-click the image and "view image" if you''re using firefox. "Open image in new tab" if using Chrome, or just try this expanded image (where he looks nothing like The Quag).
  5. I was sitting in the Jarrold today and noticed Hughton talking to someone who, from that far away, looked to me like it could be Quagliarella.Thinking about it now it couldn''t have been.  Someone who had a better view would have noticed and posted about it on Twitter within minutes, and someone said elsewhere that he doesn''t speak English. Also, why be so obviously in public surrounded by cameras and not have it show up anywhere?Anyway, here''s a still from an 8 second video I took of it. Maybe someone can put me out of my misery? I''m guessing Chris Goreham, one of the club''s journalists or some friend of a director. I thought McNally was wearing black again today.
  6. I do wonder if we have replaced those coaches that went off to Villa before pre-season. Would have thought we''d be told about it.
  7. Ah, Lviv. I can always rely on Ukrainians to install camaras and live broadcasting technology in a British mid-table 2nd division club''s stadium to stream a pre-season friendly match for free.ಠ_ಠ
  8. I once asked him how many times a day I should brush his teeth, but he didn''t answer. Sack the board!
  9. [quote user="Alan_Grey"][quote user="Eadie4England"]look on twitter at babette van haaren, shes a dutch journalist with close links to ajax. doesnt look promising[/quote] Look closer. She is a "sports and media student". I have no reason to trust a word she says.[/quote]It was a geography student in Dublin who broke the news that Hooper rejected QPR and would sign for us the next day.Just sayin''
  10. [quote user="chicken"] As for the Toby coming for more talks rumour - could be true, but even if it is how do we know it''s not a bit like the QPR-Hooper scenario? Other teams waiting to see what his price and wage demands are? Or that his agent is being clever and using us to show that he is ready to move?[/quote]When the story of our interest broke Toby said to the media that he''d hear what we have to say and make a decision on the club as a whole, NOT on the size of the club. We then agreed a deal with Ajax and Toby rejected us in a matter of hours, saying he''ll either move to a "bigger club than Norwich" or stay at Ajax for the final year of his contract.It was definitely the same game we played with QPR, except we were the patsy for Toby (and his agent) to get his big move and no-one swooped in with an 11th-hour bid because no-one fell for it. Nobody realistically believed he would sign for us. If his father, his agent and Toby himself and not spoken to the press about it then maybe some people would have made a move but the fact that they all kept threatening half-heartedly that it was a ''possibility'' stopped their plan from working. The bigger clubs will just wait for Ajax to drop the price before they''re stuck scrapping for a ''solidarity'' pittance.If he gets his move I think it will be within the last week of the transfer window, most likely on deadline day. It won''t be to Norwich.Source: My child-like imagination.
  11. He''s in the starting line up for Ajax against AZ today. I was hoping it would put an end to this thread until I noticed OP said ''next week''.Still not going to happen, though.
  12. We''ve had some great fan-based rumors turn out to be true this window but I can''t believe this one. Almost everyone seems to have a friend at Dunston Hall and those rumors always go nowhere.
  13. I think all we will do is show him the place, tell him what we''re trying to build and what wage we can offer him and hope he thinks it''s more exciting than sitting on the bench in Italy.  He has the chance to become a cult hero here but I guess that doesn''t mean anything if you''ve never heard of the club.
  14. It''s what he said at Ricky''s press conference. A little annoying that the three signings we''ve made since July 1st have all reported on for a while.
  15. There are people who read reports like that and think "What a ledge!!" as if they don''t understand the difference between a night out and self destructive alcohol addiction. They''d love to take him to their local and get wasted alongside him as if it''s some sort of honour, when all they''re doing is contributing to his early death.I can''t see Gazza''s story ending happily.
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