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  1. I''m not putting him on a pedestal I just thought it was fact that Cureton and Strihavka are better than Chris "I haven''t scored in a year" Brown simple
  2. [quote user="Smudger"]What a laugh... so a schoolboy international is going to take us to the league title now is he???  [:D][/quote] A bloody good youth player who is mean''t to be the next Lampard.
  3. Its Jimmy Smith someone said on the offy tonight he has be correct in the past. :-) What angers me is that it is a short term loan deal? what we gonig to do when he leaves?
  4. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"]No. I can''t hear any pencils being sharpened on the sports desk in readiness. See http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/962366/ShowPost.aspx [/quote] Thanks this guy has been saying it for days. He must be an Ippo in disguise  [6]
  5. http://boards.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=918&p=16&style=2&forumId=3709&action=1&replytoid=2117868219 Apparently. This guy has been saying it for days though. He seems pretty convinced..... Pinkun team heard anything?
  6. Paul starred for the youth side last season and was mentioned early in that campaign by manager Jim Duffy as a player who could make the breakthrough to the top team. Dundee''s involvement in the relegation battle meant that Dixon had to wait until the start of the current campaign to make his d├ębut. From Wikipedia. A 21 year old left back who is a throw specialist.
  7. boards.canaries.co.uk www.ncfc-fans.co.uk www.carrowroad.net http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/
  8. [quote user="Getting off the fence"]World record alert - 3 WOs in a row admit to not knowing much! Is the penny finally dropping?[/quote] So do you know much about coaches then?
  9. [quote user="Tom NCFC"][quote user="worthy out"] Like many i cant stand Worthless and want him out. Next year i am confident that we will be fighting for our lives to ESCAPE RELEGATION. Honestly i believe that the wrong players will leave, e.g huckerby, Earnshaw, Green, Safri. Who would that then leave us with???????? The league will be stronger next season, with West Brom, Sunderland and Birmingham, we have no chance at this hoofball club. Does anyone agree???????? [/quote] Sorry mate but I don''t agree with the relegation thing. Hucks will be here for the rest of his career and Earny commited. I don''t care if green goes cause I think Joe Lewis will fill his shoe''s fine. Safri won''t leave, he could have left for Feyonoord in Janurary but he didn''t He''s commited. [/quote] Not what I heard. I heard Safris off. He''s unhappy here.You heard it here first!    
  10. http://www.bcfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Squad/ProfilesDetail/0,,10327~9308,00.html   Scored 16 goals this season and is only 26 years old. Won bristols player of the season award and is there captain so is a leader! Would be worth a gamble!
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] dont think so Wiz.. Someone even posted on here recently, who said they had loads of Ammers fans who rate Ashton and think the future will be good uinder Him...  If Robert Earnshaw is so good then why has he signed for Norwich city? its a step down... and if dean Ashton is so bad then why is he 90 minutes away from a cup final and made a step up? WBA are getting relegated and Feel that Robert Earnshaw wasnt the answer to their problems.... Dean Ashton is scoring goals in the premiership for a mid table, and comfortable Hammers....  I know who id rather have... jas :) [/quote]   Why did Earnshaw join us?? One simple answer. He needed to be at a family club. When he was at Cardiff he was happy becuase it was more homely a little bit like Norwich. However West Brom didn''t have this atmosphere and Robson was being moody etc etc etc!
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