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  1. I feel sorry for Robert Green with this latest injury but he isn''t good enough for England anyway. I''m surprised he was picked in the first place. David James isn''t good enough either.Only Paul Robinson is International quality out of the three keepers.
  2. We could never afford Koumas. Robson said to the BBC that if Cardiff want him, about 3.5million is about right, or a straight swap for Camerone Jerome.Out of our league friends!
  3. It appears from what new manager Terry Butcher has said today, Ian Crook would not have been his first choice assistant at Sydney FC."It has been one of the hardest things leaving him (Maurice Malpas) behind," Butcher, 47, said. "He is a wonderful guy, a wonderful coach and he is going to be a wonderful manager as well."Butcher admitted that departing without his assistant was one of the toughest choices he has ever had to make. He added: "Ian Crook is out here as my assistant so it was not possible for Maurice to come out here." Pity, Ian could have been at a loose end!
  4. Adrian Boothroyd...Watford are no better than us, but they have a young, ambitious manager who could have lead us to greater things.A good, solid, stable defence with Malkay Makay at the helm. Good, fast passing football which is a joy to watch. Not the long-distance aimless hoofing you see at Carrow Road. I''ve had enough of football here for the time being, if you can call it that.Can you believe he was on our staff and now he is on the brink of leading Watford to the Premiership?
  5. It''s not our goal-scoring we need to worry about, it''s the amount of goals we''ve let in....appauling!We need a solid defence and a good, creative mifield. We already have Earnshaw, McKenzie, Thorne, Jarvis, Johansson, McVeigh etc who can play upfront. Sutton has only played 6 games in six months with Birmingham because of injuries and he''s on £45,000 p/w....how are we gonna pay that? We shruggled to meet Huckerby''s £12.000 p/w didn''t we?We need a good defence/midfield...the goals will then look after themselves.
  6. H Crewe D 1-1H Millwall D 1-1H Sheff Wed L 0-1A Millwall L 1-0H Preston L 0-3H Watford L 2-3H Ipswich L 1-2A Burnley L 2-0A Sheff Wed L 1-0These are all games we SHOULD have won. This would have given us another 24 points putting us 3rd in the table.I still can''t believe we lost 0-1 at home to Sheff Wed and also Preston came to Carrow Rd and thumped us 0-3! What a shocking season.Sad isn''t it?
  7. Cardiff manager Dave Jones stated to the BBC today..."I don''t think my two centre-backs will have an easier afternoon"...after the Cardiff 0 Norwich 1 result.Is this true? I couldn''t get to the game and only heard part of the second half on the radio. Or is it just sour grapes?
  8. No joke Loyal Fan, I meant it....is Worthy turning it around?
  9. Ok, here''s a loaded question if there ever was one.Is Nigel Worthington starting to turn the team around? We have now 7 wins in the last 12.I don''t like the way we play football, in fact, I hate it if you can call if football. But the results do seem to be improving.Discuss...
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