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  1. Don''t get me started. Sitting on the back row means you can stand up without blocking anyone''s view.  Provided you''re in an area free of jobsworth stewards who will make you sit down no matter what. Obvious disadvantage if you prefer to be close to the action which I do. But then you may have to suffer a running commentary from Mr Moaning Sadbastard in the row behind shouting "Sunday League!" or some other football cliche at frequent intervals.  When it was terraces you could simply move away, now it goes on for years, it''s a case of which of us dies first. Then there is the sun to contend with.  Remember the lunchtime kickoff against Liverpool on a sunny Sunday in December 2004, when those of us in the Lower Barclay couldn''t see a thing?  Not a thing.  We couldn''t clap either because we were using our hands to shield our eyes.  It made for a very strange atmosphere.  On the other hand, if that''s what you''re used to, sitting in any other part, especially the new NU corner feels rather claustrophobic.  I grew up in the South Stand where the away fans go now.  Since then I''ve never found a place where I really feel at home, especially since all seater came in.  It just isn''t the same.  Even churchgoers stand up when they want to sing, for goodness sake. Bring back standing areas!  
  2. Recently a couple of occasional posters have come on here with so-called inside information, aka rumour-mongering.  "Reliable source", "my uncle is an employee (say no more)", etc. etc. I shall have to watch what I say, because my previous post on this subject was deleted for unparliamentary language. In a nutshell, it makes me sick. Whether it''s all true, partly true or a pack of lies is beside the point.  Claims that it comes from a "reliable source" is bound to give it legs.  As you all know, I''m not a great fan of our board of directors, but I have to admit some sympathy if their own employees feel able to breach confidentiality in this way.  Very unprofessional. 
  3. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Cant get the RB.. Help! jas :) [/quote] chicken''s post will give you a clue . . .
  4. [quote user="timmorgan"]i have a reliable source dowwn carrow rd who informs me worthy wants mansfield boss peter shirtliff as his new coach,however the board want an ex canary face with flecky the favourite choice with board members to get the fans back on side.[/quote] God in heaven help us if the board get their way.  Flecky being brought back AGAIN to appease the fans?  We''ve already done that, courtesy of Mr Chase in 1995.  The new coach should be the best man for the job in purely footballing terms.  Appeasing the fans shouldn''t even appear on the far distant horizon.  If the appointment degenerates into a PR exercise I''m off, for good this time. I really struggle to believe that this scenario is any more than wishful thinking by someone with a vivid imagination.    Incidentally, how does it sit with those of you who think Nigel has an unnaturally close relationship with Delia and Michael?  
  5. I agree - and his recent interview in the local press was interesting not for his swipe at Robson (rather predictable, they all seem to do it now), but for his comments (twice) about "the new players coming in" at Carrow Road.  Don''t know what he''s been told, but he sounded very positive. 
  6. For the fun factor, has to be the local derby at Carrow Road in November 1995 when the ref gave the binners a second penalty about eight minutes from time, in front of the Barclay, which would have made it 2-2.  Then he changed his mind.  He did!  Mr Attention Seeking K. Lynch of Knaresborough, I salute you! Only a month later comes my least fun game of all time, the 3-2 defeat at Leicester on the day Martin O''Neill walked out.  Says it all about what it''s like to be a Norwich fan, doesn''t it?  Sometimes I fantasise about supporting a club where nothing, either good or bad, ever happens.  Perhaps I should emigrate to Bristol.
  7. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]the article on aidy compared him to Mourinho - praise indeed " Like Mourinho, he devoted himself to becoming a top manager at a young age, watching training at clubs throughout Europe and tapping into the knowledge of top coaches.  Boothroyd''s management style is also similar to Mourinho''s. He is a superb motivator, tactically decisive and at the cutting edge of sports science and technology.  And he is certainly not short of confidence, saying he "was born to be a manager", and drawing up a "seven-point plan" culminating in international management before he had even become a boss." How much did he learn from worthy?  does aidy ever mention worthy or city? aidy''s quotes "  IN HIS OWN WORDS ... People said I was too young to be a manager, but I was born ready I told the board I was looking for promotion - one or two of them fell off their chairs My plan is to manage in the Premiership, then Europe and then international level I want hungry people interested in being part of something bigger than themselves... people who want to live the dream I like being under pressure... I''ve thrived on the chaos here looks like adiy can talk the talk and walk the walk, but only watford were desparate enough to give him the chance the prove it.  How did we let a talent like him slip through our fingers?  Not compatible with ''little norwich?'' Too ambitious? [/quote] Didn''t he have a short spell as youth coach at West Brom before he went to Leeds?  Neither of them could keep him, and nor will Watford if they lose the playoff final - or, quite possibly, even if they win.  Charlton beckons . . .  Seems like rather a lot of moves in a short space of time. Too ambitious?  Yes, probably.  He is certainly a young man in a hurry.   
  8. [quote user="The Duke of Norfolk"] Oh dear, another traditional city centre (ish) pub is being transformed into a poncy wine bar. I can only think that they are doing that in order to attract the metrosexuals etc that will be moving into the numerous property developments around the area. What do you think? [/quote] I wonder how many of the new residents realised they were moving into the heart of the red light district?  How would the estate agents put it - "cosmopolitan night life" perhaps? 
  9. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Razors - a bit over dramatic methinks! Just how many clubs budgets are run by anyone but the board?  Managers at some clubs may draw up a wish list of required players but other than at Chelski it is the board that will say you can only have x amount of cash.  The only exception seems to have been leeds where ridsdale got sucked into mad o''learys dream at leeds and spent well beyond they finances. It has and always will be that way.  It is the managers job to maximise the use of that budget.   Didnt I read somewhere that city have the second largest wage bill in the champs?  If that is the case (and I am sure I will be put right if thats is wrong) that, the not insubstantial transfer funds spent and the numerous, frequent and not cheap loan signings suggests the board have hardly restricted the manager from a funds point of view. [/quote]The point I am making is that there needs to be a preliminary stage, where the board and manager together agree on what the club is trying to achieve.  If you re-read my original post, I''m in no way advocating that the board simply hands over unlimited amounts of money on demand. As far as the "second largest wage bill" is concerned, no one can possibly know whether that''s true until the Annual Reports for 2005/06 come out at towards the end of this year.  Given the amount we had to spend on loan players because our squad was not big enough, I wouldn''t be at all surprised. There was an interview with the owner of Gretna on R5 last night.  Even Gretna have a five-year plan.  Football is anything but an exact science, but every business needs a plan.  If we have one, I can''t see why the board would keep it a secret.  I totally agree with Ian Gibson MP (I''m not a Labour voter by the way).  We need the club to state where it wants to go and how it intends to get there.  
  10. [quote user="chicken"]"It''s more a case of trying to see through the positive spin coming out of Carrow Road.  Why do we believe that it''s a well run club? Because they tell us so. That won''t do any more." Oh deary me! Its come to this?!!! I am going down th old bomb shelter at the bottom of the garden - let me know when the war has blown over! Are you actually suggesting that we take nothing the club says anymore? I mean if that is the case then what is the point of listening to you? We may as well just have our own opinions on the club and take them as fact. In which case my reality of the situation is that loads of people have put bets on Worthington being sacked before the beggining of the new season - he is not out yet and so people are becoming more and more desperate to find ways to try and get him out. In the mean time the players have clubbed together to buy a small island for which to maroon the moaners and whingers on and also pay the cartographers to remove from all reccords its exhistance. I then predict that one of the supporters will be a doctor, one an escaped female criminal and another a guy who had up until recently lost the use of his legs and owns a box making company. Strangely they find some sort of bunker underground. Delia, so upset with the harsh reality of having to do this to some of the fans, then buys herself a nearby island so that she can supply the maroonees with her wonderful cooking and even has secret satellite serveilance on the island televised for reality television which earns the club billions of pounds world wide. Thats my reality - you try telling me its not real! Come on just try it!!! [/quote] Has something upset you Chicken?
  11. Cheers Pete.  A little more challenging than I expected.  Had to dig out the old programme, which in addition to your team listed some players that I''d forgotten all about (Victor Segura) or didn''t even know we had (Karl Simpson?? - apparently he came on as sub in that game for the LW). 
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