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  1. Conversely, my impending wedding is on Friday 4th August in Rochdale, giving all the Norfolk guests the ideal opportunity to pop into Leeds for the first games of the season on the way back, although I don''t think the missus will let me disappear on the 1st day of marriage!!!!
  2. Thought you might appreciate that Wiz... I think this place needs a little light humour every now again amongst all this doom and gloom!!!
  3. See the photographic evidence here! http://www.freewebs.com/sandsmusic/wizardout.jpg
  4. NCFC fans have vented their anger at 1st Wizard''s bad tactical decisions in the slating of Delia Smith by staging protests outside the ground and gathering signatures for the removal of his ramblings from the board. A spokesperson said "Enough is enough. We pay good money to visit this forum every day and we no longer wish to see the long-ball abuse of someone who cares deeply about the club. The comments made are totally against the ethos of "togetherness" that the club has perpetrated for many years and it''s time to thank him for the good times and move forward". Mike Walker''s name has been thrown into the ring as a potential successor. Don''t forget to tune in to tomorrows campaign "Werthers Out" for those fed up with the "real butter and fresh cream" type candy.  
  5. For the record: M.W. left the club for Everton on 06/01/04 just two days before our F.A. Cup game with Wycombe Wanderers.... Does no one else remember the song: Mike Walker is a banker He wears a bankers hat And now he''s gone to Everton ''Cos he''s a greedy man
  6. As a member of the goalkeepers union I think many people are overlooking such issues as positioning, handling, presence, organising his defence, agility, distribution as well as the obvious saves he made. On Saturday Greeno gave a top class performance in all areas, well deserving his MOM status. Still needs a hair cut though! Bring on Da Villa
  7. Can''t we get a cheap deal off Teletext?
  8. Just noticed that the Mirror has credited our consolation goal to David Mcveigh. I didn''t realise we''d signed Pauls identical twin.....or is it the usual poorly researched excuse for journalism regarding NCFC that seems to be commonplace???
  9. According to the Daily Mirror today, Ronaldo is back in contention. He''ll be wasting his time though ''cos he''ll be in Drury''s pocket all game! COYY
  10. Changing the angle slightly....the worst one-off performance has to be Darren Kenton away at QPR on boxing day around 1998. After hopelessly wandering around in daze looking like the Christmas Day sherry was still in his blood he was withdrawn after 20 minutes..... Saying that he did sober up and came good eventually!!
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