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  1. [quote user="Matt Juler"]They work as a team, Lambert will not leave without his 2 righthand men in Culverhouse and Karsa. I know a certain someone very much in the know who actually questions what Lambert does at the club as Culverhouse leads training, picks the team, makes substitutions, etc., etc...[/quote] Spot on, if he goes they will go too, he took the guys from Wycombe to us, Culverhouse does much of his work whilst he goes back to Scotland to be with his family, he will probably take a few players as well given half a chance.
  2. [quote user="canarycol"]seen  the  new half time  entertainment  at  carrow road  for the  coming  season ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dF9qkXvKeo[/quote]Excellent, mind you we could not do that sort of thing, it would play havoc with the pitch 
  3. Morning folksIn David Fox you have a very good player if you let him do the things he is good at, pass the ball and take free kicks but most importantly he needs a strong midfielder alongside him for protection because he is lightweight and cant tackle to save his life!He was doing well for us at the start of the season when he had Dean Hammond alongside him in midfield as a big tough tackling supporting midfielder but when Dean left for Southampton and we used the smaller players like Perkins and Izzet he was not the same player.I think Lambert knows that and will use him to create the flowing moves all us fans like to see, by using him in centre mid to spray the ball around the park and of course use his dead ball ability that you have already witnessed at 1st hand.Boothroyd was trying to change his game by getting him to play a tougher role, something that he was not happy with or physically equipped to do, by the same token someone like Kem Izzet could never be a David Fox he is a tough little battling midfielder who breaks up the opposition play, he does the stuff that often goes unoticed by the fans. As a consequence of all this David has understandably asked for a move having become disheartened at Colchester, I think the family not settling in the area is nothing more than an excuse to get away, a player of his quality should not be on the bench most games.  Hopefully we can do better next season with a new manager who will keep the ball on the deck and play football, we have a good squad of players at present but I fear 4 or 5 more could go before August so we will need to have replacements lined up. Good luck for the coming campaign like other clubs of your size the real challenge is to get from that league into the prem and stay up, given the size of your stadium and income it is always going to be difficult in the extreme to compete with the really big clubs in that division,(Start praying for Blackpool!) something we would face at a lower level if we ever get back into the Championship which is our "prem"
  4. No I am not an internet hard man just someone who does not like being called revolting names for no reason, hence I told this young man to grow up, at least my original post has sparked a bit of debate which was the original idea!
  5. If he wants to call me that to my face fair enough, he wont say it again though.
  6. [quote user="morty"]Actually we were there on a business matter, we are looking to make money in new ways and are going into the rice growing business.We want your pitch as a paddy field.[:)][/quote]Good point if it gets much wetter we can use our "subs" [:)]
  7. [quote user="Lord Archibald of Henville "]wan ker[/quote]No need for that comment grow up.
  8. Your guys were at the WHCS today discussing our compensation claim, I dont know the outcome it is probably an attempt to avoid a tribunal decision who knows.
  9. [quote user="First Wazzock"]We have gone from bottom of the table on the first day to top before the end of January. What an achievement. [/quote]I agree, congrats everyone whatever our differences that is in the words of Barry Fry a magnificent achievement [:)]
  10. Have you guys signed Fabrizio Ravenelli now, he must be getting on a bit for s striker [;)]
  11. [quote user="Colchester fan"]Cheers Steveo, I will pop in from time to time.[/quote]Sorry about that extra e [:$]
  12. [quote user="......and Smith must score."]Good on you for coming back on here to face the music Colchester fan.Most of the Colchester fans on here have been pretty fair and we don''t really have any issues with you as you probably guessed when we sang, " We only hate Wolves and Ipswich " during the game. I did think it was quite funny when one or your supporters ran across the corner of the pitch towards us and was promptly hauled down into a big puddle next to the corner flag by about four big Essex constabulary. A real kamikaze mission if ever there was one.....As I said in reply to your '' away guide '' post this morning I thought we''d all be in for a soaking today. The pitch looked pretty unplayable but it would''ve been a bit of a choker for us if it had been abandoned at half-time! After a shaky start it all went like a dream and I can''t remember us having six or seven shots on target in a game and finding the net five times.You''re not wrong about the parking. It was a nightmare. Eventually I parked at the next turning to Rapid Electronics - the Rapid car park was full - and decided to chance it in a private company park close to Severalls Lane as home fans I spoke to were parking on the road for the first time and were hoping they didn''t get ticketed. There must have been  hundreds ofcars on the estate roads and the main road leading up to the stadium but hardly any in private car parks. If the wardens were out and about it must have seemed as if Christmas had come early! I know you don''t usually get sell-out crowds but when you do the arrangements need to be a lot better. Why some of the other companies don''t rent out their parking areas is baffling.Perhaps we''ll be doing this again next season, hopefully in the Championship. At least by then all the off-field ballyhoo should have quietened down, and, if we are both lucky enough to be promoted we''ll all be able to concentrate on putting one over on the real blue and white enemy.[/quote]Yes it was chaos the Rapid car park was full when we arrived around 2pm, good job we had a reserved place [:)]Why the hell the Police closed the other industrial estate car park I dont know but that caused a lot of issues on the day that could have been avoided, even the club didnt know it was going to be closed. The Rapid car park often has spare spaces but yeterday was an exception, loads of people had to be turned away, I am amazed most people seemed to have got in by kick off. Very few companies open their car parks probably because they dont want to arrange for someone to man them or pay for the insurance costs which are pretty high. Rapid only charge 2 quid and that covers the insurance costs, when that has been met all other proceeds go to local charities, they make no profit themselves.We should have played hoofball yesterday as the pitch was almost unplayable, it is rubbish compared to the fine playing surface that was at Layer Road, but instead of that we tried to play short passes much of the time that just stuck in the mud gifting you goals. What a pity the game was not played on a drier pitch, I think both sides would have played much better, we are a quick team who like a slick surface but that was like playing on a mud bank!We did wonder if that was Robbies master plan go 3-0 down and then give the ref a bung to abandon the game [;)]Anyway we shall see, next home game MK Dons so that should be an easy win......................
  13. [quote user="LinkNR9"][quote user="evertoniancolufan"]I''ll second what colchesterfan said, well played, you deserved it though we simply handed it to you with pathetic and uncharacteristic defending. I did think you lot were very quiet in the opening 20 minutes when we were actually playing well, couldn''t hear a thing, you got better 2nd half though![/quote] Your centre backs looked a bit nervous today - was it just an off-day for them, or did the conditions have anything to do with their performance? [/quote]Paul Reid was injured and he has played very well with Magnus lately, unfortunately Aidy decided to play young Batth who we have on loan from Wolves he has not played recently and had a nightmare game, in my opinion it should have been the far more experienced Matt Heath or Pat Baldwin, although having said that the latter had a mare when he came on as well!A very bad day at the office in front of our biggest league crowd since 1968, typical Colchester we always make a mess of the big home games.
  14. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Fair play, but will you still come here?[/quote]I will probably pay you a visit from time to time, I have been posting on Shrimperzone since 2004!
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