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  1. [quote]West Ham can''t afford him. End of.[/quote] I think they can. They had a bid of £6m accepted for Benni McCarthy but Porto pulled out at the last minute. However, we won''t sell unless he asks, Deano will be, if he wants to be, Norwich''s top striker for the next 10 years. If he left, I would be gutted.
  2. Tyson is highly rated, but Sheffield Wednesday have already had three bids rejected, so they obviously don''t want to lose him. Would welcome him at Carrow Road though, but could be worth a lot with his goalscoring record this year
  3. You may be right, but Huckerby was 750k going up to a million if we went up (which we did) and theres no way that we could get Davenport for any less than £2m. I think he may be interested in staying until the end of the year, and then a permanent move if we are in the premiership, but I imagine he has his eyes on an England future, and we all know that he doesn''t have the chance if we''re not in the top division. I was talking to a spurs fan about him and he seems to think that they would be willing to let him go if we stump up the cash, as he is a long way down the pecking order and isn''t ever likely to play first team football as long as King and Dawson are around. I hope we find the money to keep him. He is a quality defender and there aren''t many players like that around who are available. OTBC
  4. [quote]Sorry but i dont share the same praise of Inamoto, ive never really been a fan of his (he is too light-weight for the championship)! Thanks, but, no thanks.[/quote] To lightwight??? Have you seen WLY recently?
  5. [quote]the last match i saw was stoke so i dont really know much about his recent performances. But at Stoke i felt that nobody was actually tackling the right winger/right forward. Brennan and Drury are di...[/quote] Drury is one of our strongest players, full stop. However, do you really think Brennan is better attacking wise. As a winger in our 4-4-2 formation I have never seen a player turn and pass the ball backwards sp frequently. I think he is afraid of crossing the ball. Drury however, particularly recently has been getting forward well, overlapping and getting involved, as well as continuing to defend excellently. Brennan is a defender, and IMO should be sold, not good enough. OTBC
  6. I think it is an issue Sven has. After the World Cup, although he is contracted until 2008, I think we all know, or assume/hope that he will be on his way. That leaves the position open, and who''s to say the new manager won''t only pick Man U Aresenal etc. players. If the next manager is Curbishley/Allardyce I believe they will play players for merit and not for the shirt they wear. Sven has an issue that he plays people playing in the Champions League, with the VERY odd exception. I just hope that the England futures of our prized assets lie in a City shirt OTBC P.S. Remember when Huckerby was linked with Liverpool last January??? Maybe he''d be on the left wing now if it had happened.
  7. I have been thinking about this for a while, and have kept out of it completely up until now. However, it is irritating when a sensible debate is turned into a "I''ve been to every game for 5 years, even when my mother died" etc. etc. I say that from now on, whenever someone posts an ''I''m a better fan argument'' the post is abandoned and no longer added to. Any agreement?
  8. definitly agree. Always had class when I saw him play. Can''t understand why he never plays but would definitely like to see him at Carrow Road. Can''t be any worse than Lisbie
  9. what a stupid post. our most in form player at the moment IMO Next
  10. I''m not a new visitor, simply a new poster. Not too sure why I''ve never got actively involved but so much is happening at the moment its difficult not to have an opinion. OTBC
  11. I think not. In all the games I have seen him in he has looked poor and wasteful. I have been very unimpressed with a supposedly "premiership" player. Against Hull, he had a terrible first touch, didn''t get himself into useful positions and seemed unable to give the ball to Huckerby, who seemed extremely frustrated as a result. I cannot see the point in playing a player who isn''t performing and that we have no chance of keeping on a permanent basis. Curbishley has made it clear he wants him back (Lord knows why) and I would much rather see our young promising players (Hendo, Jarvis) given a game. Especially if we''re paying him any wages!!!
  12. Regardless of his attitude, am I the only one who would like to see him get a run in the team? He, as well as Jarvis are in the England set-up, and are our backup to the first team, so when we have injuries up front, I would like to see him get a game. Instead, Worthy brings in a player who IMO is poor, and plays him instead, and I can''t help but feel sorry for Hendo. This should be his opportunity to prove himself as a striker and it is being wasted.
  13. He obviously has class, why else would Wigan wanted to have kept him on a three year deal? Jewell obviously believed he was good enough for the prem. I think that he is another of the ones who get left in the dark, Worthy said he would have to work harder in training and I think Worthy has him marked as lazy already. Fear he will be out sooner rather than later.
  14. If you were really serious, you would''ve just left, rather than announcing it. I for one of many I am sure will not be sad to see you go. You may post A LOT, and as much as I would like all us City fans to get along, your constant pesimistic whinings are quite simply a bore. Goodbye, although we all know you''ll be back...which is a shame
  15. [quote]Sorry - but worthy is right. For me youth players cannot cut it at this level when you 16/17/18 , they are not physically strong enough. Shackell is now devolping his strength, but if you watched him...[/quote] Wayne Rooney made his debut at 16 Michael Owen 17
  16. This message has nothing to do with NCFC although i was there on sat and want to quickly say how optimistic the start has made me. I need to travel back to the midlands on tuesday 31/8, and i cant get back. I live in warwick, but a lift to anywhere in the midlands would be fantastic as i can get the train back from most places. I wouldn''t waste space on this site, but i know no-one in the area except family, and need to be back home for work at 3pm. Any response will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  17. sorry mate but it isnt on sky orwhere else. gillette soccer special is on which will tell u the score and if your lucky mite show u the goals at the end but thats the best youll get.
  18. not only is dennis''s contract up at the end of the season but so is sylvain wiltords. theres a solution, wiltord out on the right, hucks up front with bergkamp playing just off... i know it wont happen but it would be nice.
  19. i agree with u there. shackell was class on sunday, and i didnt see a lot wrong for the penalty anyway. flem and malky have been great this season, but they arnt the youngest players around and will need replacing at some point. from sundays performance it looks like shackell could be that man
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