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  1. So let me get my small brain round this. If Sunderland don''t win their games between now and Watford away we only need six points otherwise seven. Does anybody know the exact maths?
  2. I reckon Sinclair could do with going on loan to somebody like Peterbrough for a couple of months next season to give him a bit of experience. Easton and Abbey should defiently find the exit door, although I do feel sorry for Zema always being injured, but when he has played he hasn''t really been good enough. In, I would have ideally Keown, Petit, Pennant, Jeffers.
  3. Am I correct in saying that if we beat Walsall and Watford then we are guaranteed a top two place?
  4. Can''t see Sunderland losing both games this weekend, think they''ll at least get a point against Sheff Utd, but can see them getting turned over by the scum.
  5. So when do people think we will clinch promotion and hopefully win the title. I personally think promotion will be clinched at home to Preston and the Championship is going to go down to the wire at Gresty Road
  6. I have to say I agree with the initial post Svensson is not good enough. Forget Crouch he has gone. With what we have I would pick Iwan over Svennson. I know Iwan is slow and won''t score many goals for us but at least he can hold the ball up and bring others into the game. Svensson can''t even hold the ball up, he just does these stupid flicks to nobody, sorry correction, flicks to the opposition defence. I will support him fully while he is on the pitch, because getting on his case is pointless, the players need our support not criticism, but I simply think he is not good enough - end of.
  7. In:Pennant Out: Abbey Dawson and Reid Easton Petit and Huth Keown I know that those signings are unrealistic but you can but dream, also think we need a target man to partner Hucks because don''t think Svensson is good enough.
  8. When we play Gillingham at home next week I''ll be at the Cheltenham Festival so won''t be able to make it to Carrow Road. I''ve got a mate who thinks the game is on Sky but I think he is talking cr@p. Can anybody clear this up?
  9. Yes I''m going, but I do agree with everybodys comments regarding their so called ''fans''. I must admit I''m feeling rather apprehensive abouut wether or not I come back in one piece. It will be a case of straight to ground and straight out. For the rest of this week I shall be practicing my Welsh accent!! Having said all this I''ve been to Millwall several times and never had an ounce of hassle.
  10. Come on surely we must be able to sell the remaining 1,000 tickets for Cardiff, we''re top of the league and the Cardiff fans are guaranted to make it a good atmosphere. I know Norfolk is miles from Wales and the Cardiff fans are extremely unfriendly, but this is OUR year, make the most it lads.
  11. how about signing Andy Reid and Micheal Dawson from Forest. If and when we get promoted in May we won''t actually offically become a Premiership club in June or July, so we should take advantage of our 1st division status and sign them up before another club does when the transfer window opens. On another note in the summer, when we were looking for a striker I posted a message saying we should sign a Kenyan player called Dennis Oliech before somebody else does, and I was proved right because he palyed very well in the African Nations Cup, but unfortunately I think he could be of to Marseille. But if he doesn''t he would be a perfect partner for Hucks next season.
  12. Tell me if I''m wrong but I''m sure I read on the Pink''un site in the summer that Worthy had been given 1 million to spend on two new strikers, but he couldn''t find anybody suitable. As he hasn''t spent a penny in transfer fees surely the board can let him buy him for 1 million if Man City want more then fair enough off he goes but I honestly think if we offered them 1 million then they would accept. Notman''s retirement must have freed up a bit money. SO PLEASE SIGN HIM. Apart from anything else it would give the club such a massive boost, euphoria wise people would be on cloud nine. Imagine the look on the scummers faces when Hucks lines up at Portman Road.
  13. I agree with the initial post, the trouble is if the board don''t let Worthy sign quality players on a full time basis rather than loans then he and the better players i.e. Drury, Green etc will get fed up and leave. Worthington is a good young manager and we need to keep hold of him otherwise he will go the same way as David Moyes. One final thing to consider is the fact that loan players tend to play better when they are exactly that - loans. Because they are either trying to impress the club they have been loaned to, the club they have come from or are trying to put themsleves in the shop window. Just look at David Neilsen his best spell for the club was when he was on loan. May be a bit harsh to suggest - but playing for a contract?
  14. Would be fantastic to have them both. With several players contracts up in the summer three players need to be leaving Carrow Road, which would hopefully create enough space in the wage department to fit in Hucks and Crouchy. The three that need to go are Easton, Notman and Zema. I know Notman and Zema have been unlucky with injuries but they just haven''t cut the mustard when they have been fit. As for Easton, well I can''t write what I would like to write because then this message wouldn''t get posted.
  15. As much as I agree to everything everybody has said about Greeno, when King Juan of Spain or whatever he likes to call himself says Greeno has never had a shocker can I draw his attention to Forest away this season and Derby away last season. They are arguable worse mistakes than James''s against West Brom which was down to a lack of comunication, Greeno''s howlers were a lack of concentration. Every keeper makes mistakes the good ones just make less - like Green. Anyway when we get promoted and England fail in Portugal due a lack of a decent keeper, Sven will know which ground to visit for his keeper for Germany 2006.
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