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  1. not had my cup game refund yet, paid by debit card. guessing they aim to refund all the cup game tickets before they start on the season ticket refunds update, had a phone call an hour or so ago , Fa cup refund sorted
  2. mine havent stopped, last one taken on 30/4. havent had my Man Utd tickets refunded yet and havent received letter from club re season ticket refunds
  3. Whats your problem, you can get your money back on or after june 1st. as for paying for next years ticket NCFC are not the only club that have already taken money for next season and I am sure that if next season doesnt happen you will get your money back, alternatively contact the club and stop paying NOW...The Club are handling this well
  4. was 100% sold out within hours of going on sale
  5. Band say they are trying to reschedule for next year but that cant happen until its known when the ground will be available, and thats anyones guess at the mo
  6. Thanks, i have watched the first 2 on replay, as you say its mad but its fun in these crazy times
  7. Anyone watching Todd in this competition, he has won his first 2 games and is into last 32, I cant find any info on when and how to watch it live though, anyone know
  8. Guessing Delia will do the same, I havent heard any different, doesnt bother me
  9. I get the first line of your post it was constructive but no need for the other comment. then again looking at your other posts it seems like you have issues
  10. is that the media scaremongering
  11. on another note a Spurs fan told me last night that they are the only non league team ever to win the FA cup......in 1901..i did tell him that" just like Ipswich you live in the past "
  12. No wasnt me. I got on the other coach that stopped, I asked the steward how he was going to choose 9 people to change buses and he just said go for it if you want, so I did, with my son. When we left we still had 3 spare seats... That wasnt the end of the saga though. First he stopped at Stansted for 20 minutes! then got lost on the diversion around the closed A11. I was walking along carrow rd when your replacement bus pulled up so we ended up getting back at the same time. I guess that means you waited about 20 mins /half hour for the replacement coach?
  13. That went well, my second time on the coaches, broke down again, not fun standing on the M25 embankment cold and damp!, got back to Carrow rd at 0330
  14. I would hope its max £25, not sure it will be Man U though
  15. FA cup, I was there last night, what a night, Winning at wembley would stay in the memory much longer than staying in the PL
  16. Any other don’t dos,don’t want to upset the regulars
  17. There’s me thinking I had it sussed till you mentioned the expiry time. I just did a dummy booking and it does indeed say it expires at midnight..does that mean paying an extra £7 for an hour or 2 looks to me like it may be worth booking the next day as well to make sure you don’t get ticketed
  18. Going on coach tomorrow (vowed not to again , the last time was a disaster , arriving just in time for kick off (got lost) and breaking down on way home) is there any parking at carrow rd or nearby , what time do i need to get to carrow rd for 2.30 departure, last time got there about 15 minutes before and I think most coaches had gone.
  19. I hate Ipswich as much as the next man, BUT how far did our womens team get in the competition
  20. Nothing on greater anglia about any trains after 2330, will prob go with the coach
  21. I would rather take the train but last returning train is 2330, if game goes to pens would that leave enough time to get back to liverpool street?
  22. I know its a long shot but i have relatives over from Australia (one used to be a season ticket holder), been trying all week to get a couple of tickets , ONE would be ok, if anyone knows of any I would be grateful
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