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  1. Would you want another season on-loan or want the chance of taking part in the Premier League adventure, even if it means you see time on the bench or bit-part status in the team?
  2. Yeehah!! Come on ye Canaries!!! In Scottish exile but loving every second of it!!
  3. Jim, according to this article:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1302263/Cardiff-City-survive-fourth-winding-order-paying-1-3m-tax-bill.htmlCardiff managed to pay off a big chunk of the debt to HMRC.So maybe Bellas could be seen in a Bluebirds shirt this season.
  4. The plot thickens.From the Guardian: Craig Bellamy banned by Manchester Cityhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/aug/15/craig-bellamy-manchester-city
  5. Maybe the club should register itself as a registered charity and get some extra money that way
  6. Met all the players in the early 70''s side as they used to come and train in the grounds of Duncan Hall School in Scratby. That includes the likes of Keelan, Forbes, Stringer, Foggo, Paddon, Bone et al.Also played alongside Martin Peters in a local Norwich league match when home for Christmas in the early 80''s.Played against John Fashanu when he was playing for Attleborough U18s. He was a winger at the time. Their side hammered us 26-0.
  7. Purple, thanks for that plain english guide to the ins and out of the shareholdings. As you say, someone could have quietly been acquiring shares for minority shareholders up to total 29% holding in NCFC Plc. Beyond that 29% the mandatory offer has to be made to all shareholders according to the takeover and mergers rules.[quote user="PurpleCanary"] And, as mentioned earlier, because NCFC is not a listed company, any such takeover would almost certainly not be not be achieved by someone getting to 30 per cent of the shareholding and making a bid for the rest.[/quote]Does that mean that there is no way to find who has the major shareholdings then?
  8. Anyone know where we can find out what the current major shareholdings are?
  9. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]Morph, of course it is right that someone could secretly buy 29 per cent of the shares in NCFC, but that would still only be a minority stake. Even if it got to 30 per cent, and an offer had to be made for the remaining 70 per cent, there is nothing to FORCE those holders of the 70 per cent to sell. There is no guarantee that the would-be purchaser of the company would find enough willing sellers to get to 50.5 per cent and so become owner.With respect you are slightly confused about your 29 per cents. If Smith and Jones sold 29 per cent of THEIR shares that would not equate to 29 per cent of ALL the shares, since they only own 61.2 per cent of the shares. This is a VERY VERY rough early-morning calculation, but Smith and Jones would have to sell well over half their shares to provide someone with 29 per cent of ALL the shares. And that would create the unlikely position of the company not having a majority shareholder.[/quote]Purple, I stand corrected. An early morning miscalculation. When I said 29% I had intended to indicate that Delia and MWJ could sell 29% of the total shares in NCFC from their own holding.The point about the 30% total holding that anyone acquires is that it would require the mandatory formal offer to be made. As you correctly point out the buyer(s) would still not be guaranteed to get over the 50% needed to have a majority shareholding. However, Delia and MWJ could sell all their own holdings to said buyer and the majority shareholding would be achieved.
  10. Purple, the information from the City rule talks about when a mandatory offer would have to be made to shareholders. You are correct that it would not be a takeover, but if somebody or a group of bodies acquired a 30% shareholding the City rule would kick in and they would have to make a formal offer to shareholders.As a number have alluded to, if Delia and MWJ choose to sell 29% of the shareholding there is no reason for the rest of the shareholders to be told. That would allow another body or bodies to become part of the shareholders without the City rule on mandatory offers coming into effect.
  11. The City Code on takeovers and the guidelines and rules followed by the Takeovers and Mergers panel can be seen at:http://www.thetakeoverpanel.org.uk/new/codesars/DATA/code.pdfOne immediate thing that pops out from the document on when announcements need to be made is the following:(f) when a purchaser is being sought for an interest, or interests, in shares carrying in aggregate 30% or more of the voting rights of a company or when the board of a company is seeking one or more potential offerors, and: (i) the company is the subject of rumour and speculation or there is an untoward movement in its share price; or (ii) the number of potential purchasers or offerors approached is about to be increased to include more than a very restricted number of people.
  12. This is a bit of a tangent to my starting post, but is there supporters representation on the board at the moment or not? If there is, how representative of the populous is that person(s)?And Fillet I don''t disagree with what you say - opinion is very divided here in the forum and the number of posters on here can only be a small fraction of the supporting populous. My own preference is Curbishley.
  13. Interesting comments on his managerial stint at Dunfermline. Have to confess I never thought he had done anything there but....After a few assistant coaching positions, Calderwood moved into management in his own right by taking over Dutch club Willem II Tilburg in 1996, before moving to NEC Nijmegen in 1997. After a two year spell there, Scottish First Division side Dunfermline Athletic moved to make him their new manager. Calderwood spent five seasons at East End Park where he led the club to promotion to the SPL by finishing as runners-up in his 1st season in charge. He also lead them to their highest ever SPL position, finishing fourth in 2003–04. That season the side also reached the Scottish Cup final, guaranteeing their return to European competition for the first time in 35 years as opponents Celtic had already earned Champions League qualification.
  14. Just a thought this morning with all the discussion continuing here on the message board over possible appointments.Some candidates seem to split the populous down the middle (Ince) whilst others have a more generous following (Boothroyd, Robins). So should there be a representative from the supporters invited by the board to be involved with the discussions of a new manager?And if so, who?Discuss.
  15. Crooks coaching credentials:Teams managed 1999-2001 2001-2004 2004 2004 2005-2006 2007-present Northern Spirit FC"Assistant Manager" Newcastle Jets American Samoa AustraliaU-20"Assistant Manager" Sydney FC "Assistant Manager" Avispa Fukuoka "Assistant Manager"From: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Ian-CrookCurrently at Newcastle Jets as "High Performance Manager".
  16. Nobody has really given Curbishley the time of day, or is it simply that they feel there is no hope of getting him or what?And as many have alluded getting the selection right is a difficult job, but how could the board''s job of picking the right man be made easier? Is there anybody they can bring in that could provide advice? Sir Bobby Robson?
  17. As a couple of posts in recent days have commented why don''t they look for a manager who will take the club forward to the end of the season with the goal being that the man appointed proves he is right for the job in the longer term. "Go earn a longer contract from us by keeping us up and implementing a sound backroom strategy for future development!.I don''t see what is wrong with such reasoning. They did it to Kinnear at Newcastle.
  18. Perhaps preparing for a season in League 1 with that appointment.
  19. FPMIC, I would also argue that we need a manager that will replace/reinforce the youth setup to get home grown product coming through the ranks again.Anyone care to comment on Aidy Boothroyds tenure in the youth setup and how successful it was or wasn''t?
  20. TMM, you hit the nail on the head there. Smudger and all these other "out-board"ists seem to think it''s easy to get rid of the board. Delia and MWJ hold the majority shareholding and until that issue can be altered the make-up of the board is very much under her control unless I''m much mistaken.And Wiz, you''re right too. Roeder is at fault for what''s on the pitch, both playing and sitting in the stands or on the bench. I still cannot believe he sold Shackell - a face that didn''t fit who could be sold, unlike poor Lappin who is a face that doesn''t fit but can''t be sold.
  21. So if Roeder is sacked should the board appoint a manager on a contract that runs only to the end of the current season? A contract of the style of Kinnear at Newcastle when he first joined. The goal to achieving further discussion on a new contract is then to avoid relegation.What do they put in place to make sure they get the right man? Without any footballing knowledge on the board how do they ensure that they don''t have another Grant or another Roeder?
  22. Perhaps the result last night and the general run of form and behaviour of the manager in public will make the board see sense and ask for him to depart from the club. However, it does leave the question of how do the board make the correct selection to replace the man?Face it, the board aren''t going to go anytime soon despite what Smudger and his followers may wish. If they do perhaps it will be to the financial detriment of the club and certain damnation to the lower levels of English football.So how do the board pick the right man? If they are unable to identify a suitable candidate themselves who do they go to for advice?
  23. I''m slightly bemused by this signing. How many strikers is that on the books now and how many of those strikers have faces that no longer fit?Koroma? Is he still there?Lupoli - a token two seconds in the local derbyCureton - away on loan at Barnsley(?) - a face that no longer fitMartin - out on loanSibierskiLitaSo Cureton is the only player that we can truly call our own.Any junior talent coming through?
  24. I have to say that I''m kind of curious here too. Tell me BlyBlyBabes what difference would it have made if Delia et had put it to the shareholders that a £20M offer was received. They still hold the majority shareholding and "effectively" make the decisions. They still hold enough votes to carry a NO vote through if it had been put to the shareholders.
  25. Found this link on an Arabian newspaper website when following a thread about Mike Ashley and his trip to Dubai seeking to sell Newcastle.http://www.arabianbusiness.com/531197-english-football-club-seeks-arab-investorsQuestion is should Delia take a trip out to Dubai to sell off the Canaries?
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