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  1. I view this board often but have little time to post, however I am pushed too now after yet another tactical horror show by Hughton. I would be in the camp known as pantwetters as I have been saying to anyone who cared to have a balanced debate that we would be where we are now since before Christmas such was the frustration at Hughton''s tactics even in the midst of the unbeaten run. I drive 400 miles to take my seat and have done so through all the highs and lows of the last 30 years. For the first time, in all that time, from the first few games of this season I have made that trip grudgingly, more through habit than desire, excitement or looking forward to enjoying what I always have done. The reason is Hughton''s particular brand of soulless, attritional, tedious excuse of football. The guy is out of his depth and always has been, not to mention the nodding dogs who accompany him in his quest to send us into terminal decline. Some observations by way of example of his lack of tactical awareness, by highlighting how players have moved backwards under his watch. Hoolahan. I agree with many on here that he is our most talented player. In Lambert''s system, he had two forwards in front or around him, ditto the diamond, a close grouped midfield pack that followed his lead, creating space for him or vice versa to thread that pass. Hughton has persisted with him off the target man, with a wide midfield. How many times, can you see him with the ball but nowhere to go other than backwards or round in circles as he has only one pass option if he is lucky. A waste of the talent, hence the lack of assists and goals this season. Johnson. Again a lot of folk are celebrating his improvement and his all action displays. Granted his break up play is good and occasionally a great cross field pass is seen, But his limitations are the cause of our demise.Neither he or whichever partner he has had are given licence to go forward with any confidence, and if he could, his passing and close control let him down. By making him the automatic midfield pick, Hughton has made it easy for opposition to set up knowing they can dominate this area of the field high up the pitch. Playing a Fox or maybe Whitaker as a one holding player who can pick a pass, allows us to turn defence into attack quicker. And for everyone who says Hughton has made the defence loads stronger, we have conceded just ten less than lat year so far, so with Man City to come it is likely we will still have conceded over 60 goals vs 66 last year. Holt. Agreed he is not the same player from a leadership, attitude point of view. But spending the season after my best ever as a lone striker, going wide and deep for no results game after game would annoy the hell out of me. The lack of directness this season has cost him and us in creating winning positions. Pilks and Snodgrass. When they have been given licence to attack with out fear of being shouted back into position, they have shown their best. Sadly, that is rare. More than that the lack of desire to change formations from game to game or during it is easy for opposing managers to plan against.. Everyone knows we will play a flat midfield four and have done since September. I could go on, I have too much already. Essentially, the manager is the sole reason we are where we are. His stubborn, controlling, fastidious personality mixed with his cautious tactics and celebration of the opposition quality, alongside indecision at crucial times in key matches have costs us points this season, certainly enough to be safe now. I was at the away games pre Christmas at Reading, Southampton and Villa where he defaulted to type and took the point when all three were there for the taking and in poor form. I was at the Fulham and Newcastle home games where again he took the draw. Yes he got the two famous wins at home, but he should be judged on what he has failed to do tactically in the other 34 games. We are likely to lose as many games this season as last (15) and that''s hoping we get the win next week to stay up. the lack of attacking focus from a tactical point of view could and probably should cost us in the final analysis but I sincerely hope we escape and live to fight another season. One thing is certain, I cannot justify the cost and time to watch such uninspiring and tedious football next season. I will be there though not as much unless changes are made and I hope come 20th May McNally et al make the bold decision and remove Hughton from his post. For those of you who cling to the hope this was a transitional season and he has done his job, I hope you are right and he shows us all something very different next year. I will be amazed if he does so though given the opportunity as he has provided no evidence of being skilled enough so far. Here''s hoping for the win we all want next Sunday.....
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