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  1. Southampton & WBA will get automatic promotion places.  We will finish top 6 along with Birmingham, Leeds, Wolves, Cardiff & one other (obviously) We will play Birmingham in final - result unsure about. Off to William Hill now to see what odds i would get for this lot.        
  2. Please keep people like that off of our message board. And thats from another girl. Thank god the guys on this message board are not ignorant enough to tar all of us females with the same brush
  3.   As a tube worker i have just spent 48 hectic hours trying to do my bit. What i can tell everyone is that the Brit spirit has shone through. The emergency services, staff & public volunteers are absolutely knackered but keep going with all the support being offered. Coming home tonight & reading this topic gives me a second wind to go back tomorrow. Best wishes to you all.  
  4. Any idea when tickets for the cup match go on sale?  
  5. I was there in ''93 We sat behind the goal towards the corner. Only been there the once so can only comment on that day for the atmosphere  it was great
  6. My list in no particular order - Fox, Crook, Culverhouse, Sutton, Gunn, Roberts (probably fave) Also agree that Deano will get added to a lot of these lists in a few years - if we can keep hold of him Hux - probably needs to be added to a different list - greatest impact in a season
  7. Loathe Selhurst Like Anfield - i know others have said bad things about it but i have always enjoyed the atmosphere there - especially the last ever Kop stand match that we won one nil. Also feel their fans have always treated us with respect
  8. I would like to see Iwan in a Bryan Gunn type role. Think he would put 100% in & promote the club well.
  9. Does anyone know if it is illegal? I think the rules are that they must state the face value but not sure  
  10. Whilst doing a search for Norwich sites i came across the following site, an NTL sponsored link www.hertsboxoffice.co.uk Arsenal away £150 Chelsea away £95 Man Utd away £100 How do they get away with it? It bugs me  
  11. If any plans are made please email me on keeleyp@ntlworld.com thanks much appreciated
  12. seen him play for England heaps on TV agree not too fast but knows where that goal is
  13. Hi Peter Moobag here  How you doing? Sorry not posted as not much to say but been reading posts Had some crap in my life too. Would welcome us meeting again. Maybe got the wrong impression that nobody really enthusiastic
  14. i know these have probably been asked heaps of times before but here goes:-   1) Can we still sign players from outside the premiership (i know that we can sign out of contract players)? 2) technothickie here but how do you add those photos against your names?  
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