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  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned before I have semi friend, who is sort of a city fan, he misses matches fairly often, and isn''t that clued up on things He says he''d prefer Norwich to go down as the Championship is a more competitive league, although i cant argue with the last bit, i find it outrageous that city fans, however fickle, would want there team to go down. I ran this past some mates in the Barclay, and they sort of agreed What do you think, city staying up and battling relegation for a few years or another promotion chasing season in Div 1, i think its gotta be the prem, hope you agree??? What you think?
  2. Always makes me laugh when people get upset with predictions that go against City, off course Lawro always backs the bigs boys, hence they are the big boys. Norwich have hardly defied the critics this year with there results, why should one result(albiet brilliant) change that. We are bottom off course That said i think we''ve got a pretty good chance of giving them a game tonight. 2 - 1 CITY!!!!
  3. In response to the above messages i fail to see any logic in either Green or Huckerby even being considered. We all no Greeno is great keeper but he hasnt been that good all year, and definatly wont have the premiership big boys scrambling for is signature. As far as Hucks goes i think it''s been a bad year, people always say he cant hack it in the prem and i disagree like mad, but in all honsesty hes struggled. Yes it times he looks excellent but week in week out its been a bad year. Best player this year - Its a tough one, maybe Leon, every game he works really hard, and i for one expcted him to stuggle, Damo has looked pretty good and hes goals helped, Doubt he''ll win though Most dissapointing - Flemming or maybe even hucks,  before anyone asks i do go to the games, only missed one all year , so i feel i can comment. Stuarts also looked pretty awful in his short stint Best Moment - Watching the utd fans shut up last week.  
  4. This is a pretty selfish post really i used the premise of ''Norwich at the San Siro'', hoping it would get on the main boards, Wonder if any city fans who travelled in the 93 or maybe anyone who has ever been to the San siro can help me? I''m going in a couple of weeks and wanna know where the best place to sit at a Milan game would be, ideally where the fans are at there best and the atmosphere most intense, Any thoughts appreicated    
  5. Yes i agree Robert, one possible reason you overlook is Pauls mentailty, worthy has once already had to publically get him in line, maybe that could have some bearing over Mcveigh''s starting birth?? Although slightly bias as i am a huge fan of Paul Mcviegh, i do feel his quality is immense (although often lacking the last year or so). Viv Richards once stated "form is temporary but Class is Permanent", same can be applied to Paul, his class is there, its just a case of getting the form, and without the games how will he ever reach the heights of a couple of years ago. Come on Nig'' give him a chance!!
  6. Heard a few people discussing this at the WBA game, couldn''t really believe how much of a short memory people have. They were saying if we went down this year, worthy should be sacked, personally i think such a thing is a disgrace, he has turned our side around in the last few years!! what does everyone else think, should he stay or not??? i say STAY
  7. yes i agree, Craig wouldnt be a huge gamble, although i cant see it happening, likewise with Simon Davies. Hopefully His history will encourage him to join us!!  
  8. Lay off him, although leaving early does not mean the supporters are ''dis-loyal'' i think Roberts comments have some validity, most seasoned fans (including myself) stayed until the final whistle, i do not though see the logic in paying fans leaving early as it dents the confidence of the players and does not portray a positive image of our club, I cant see how this can bother you so much nfcpremier!!! he is only expressing the same as what a hell of alot people around me in the Barclay were saying, aloud!!
  9. Maybe you should let him go then donaldson!! Dunno about you i still think that Paul can add alot to the side, i think he IS prem quality,
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