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  1. I always finish off prawn cocktail with a sprinkling of cinnemon gentlemen -  
  2. sexist complaints from someone who calls themselves ''JUSTalady'' ahem!  
  3. it''s on the homepage of www.ncisa.co.uk in bold
  4. I''m not one that points fingers at Ashton, but he has missed one heck of a number of chances. I think I read somewhere that he is 3rd in the shots stats - but then again he has been shooting from 35 yards (cos thats the closest we can get the ball to the opposition net) Thats me just gone round in a circle - what a mess we / I am in!  
  5. Too be honest i''d go and watch NCFC if they were in the conference, it all seems like you can only support a team if they are high up in the league, if they are backed by someone''s millions or they are on their way into the prem.  If you want to lower yourself into using sexist comments to get your point across, that sums up your knowledge!
  6. honestly.....none unless we sell to buy. if everyone thinks that selling ashton is the answer, think again. we would have to pay a sell on to crewe, pay for Worthy''s removal, buy a replacement and then think about using the pittence left to buy new players.
  7. I''m not a great believer in message boards, but i am going to put my tuppence worth in.... Why do men ( i assume you are mainly all men) find the need to confuse football with politics, none of you are actually pro footballers, none of you seem to have any qualifications to justify the points you put across, and i suspect none of you have ever managed a football team.  What is wrong with just letting them get on with it!  No one drags the money out of your pockets for your tickets, no one holds you to ransom for your contributions to the players wages, you do it of your own free will... If you want to come in and ''sandbag'' me fine, but i am entitled to have my opinion in the same way as you are.
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