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  1. I sat in K Block towards the front yesterday and it was like a library and they were definitely chasing biscuits. There''s no life in any of them. They don''t even sing the full OTBC at the beginning, only the "On The Ball City!" line. Did hear more noise coming from the back of K Block admittedly. Looking forward to getting back to O block
  2. In answer to your question, I would say yes, you probably were, but there is always one isnt'' there. I was choking back the tears, having seen our NCFC player go down in agony knowing that his dream was shot down.
  3. I was unfortunate enough to have to sit right next to a Watford supporter in the Jarrold for the Watford match. When their winner went in in extra time he was giving it loads in way of celebration, an altercation began followed by handbags being thrown etc. It wasn''t pleasant to have to bundle myself out of the way as the stewards piled in and the game was thoroughly spoilt for me because of this. I don''t have that much objection to an away fan being there (although I would much prefer it if he weren''t), but for chrissake show some restraint in respect to the home fans and commen sense. It''s just asking for trouble and they should not be that surprised if it kicks off when an away supporter openly celebrates in a home area.
  4. Maybe Green does irony? Let''s face it, he''d had a bad game, Clemence was watching and it went t*ts up big time at the end. If he was going somewhere surely the rumours would be a bit hotter. Good luck to him if it was his last game, I wish him well.
  5. http://new.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PINKUNOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED24%20Oct%202005%2012%3A38%3A52%3A400 ''other things going on, like organising a defence'' !!! Get multi-tasking Rob. This sort of stuff makes me cringe, just STOP it, don''t say anything at all. We don''t want to know the excuses we just want results. If it wasn''t so sad, I''d laugh.
  6. At least Roy doesn''t punctuate all his sentences with "err" like Goreham does. Err, err, err, err, it''s a err goal !!! It beggars belief how a dj/radio presenter gets work with the amount of err-ing he does.  It''s so irr-err-ating. I''m glad Roy is back; so he''s a bit of bumbling but that''s part of his charm.
  7. [quote]Does Green want to go? - possibly Does anyone else want him, except as a bench warmer? - nobody wanted him over the summer, despite publicity that he was available. I suspect that he is not highly va...[/quote] http://football.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,9753,1582593,00.html If he wants to get a chance with England then he will surely have to look to getting into a Premiership team. This article made me feel really annoyed, although I suppose it''s not Kirkland''s fault. There was a hint of smuggness about it though.  
  8. [quote]It is still being used - it''s just that we don''t hear it that much What I really don''t like is the entrance music. I have developed a hatred for Muse ever since my flatmate in fresher''s year played...[/quote] "I want it now!" say those Muse boys- well after 90 min will do. How about something more appropriate for the Smiths BUC? e.g. "How Soon is Now?" When you say it''s gonna happen "now" Well when exactly do you mean? See I''ve already waited too long And all my hope is gone
  9. Now Radio Norfolk has gone kerput - Fleming''s tripped over the cable? Sort it out Worthy for goodness sake....
  10. Arsne looks as if he has just strayed in off the set of a BBC costume drama .He looks daft!
  11. [quote]I''m on the waiting list! No''s 886-888 so it''s going to be tight. If only 114 out of that 1000 renew I shall be out of luck bah![/quote] I''m 1024 so will probably be unlucky dammit.
  12. quote "PS. Does anyone know if this unfortunate event has ever happened before?." I am afraid it has on a number of occasions I believe. Our family knows someone who died at CR. The club sent a representative to his funeral, and he said that they have attended a number of other funerals in the past.    
  13. Quite agree, it seems inappropriate now. Even with the hat trick plan this season I managed to get tickets for about 9 other home matches as a member. The previous season it only became tricky to get tickets from about February onwards as a member. However, I can''t see them withdrawing it as they have our £10 in their coffers (and if you are on the season ticket waiting list then the club not only have my £50 non-returnable deposit but also £10 for HT plan + £10 for membership). I guess they will keep the HT plan but in practice members will be able to get other tickets relatively easily.
  14. I''m exactly the same and I don''t suppose I''m alone. I just can''t stop thinking about Sunday and the thought of us not winning (or surviving) is just unbearable. I can''t watch the match and feel that I am beginning to lose perspective. I expect I will regret no engaging with the match if we win (what am I saying ''if''?) but then we will have won so the fact that I missed the experience won''t matter. Alcohol, before during and after might be answer? I have booked therapy already. oh god..............
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