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  1. which is a saturday subject to  tv  right and  if we get there.
  2. got  letter today  or should  i say three letters  same  household//. adults £25 senior cits £12 under 16s £12 coach  £14 only three days to get rid  of them.
  3. do nothing  and we sink anyway too  little  too  late  i fear
  4. grant said  on radio he was not being held to ransom  over  payments and  clubs wanted as much  for  loan deals as they did for  buying 4pm and  nnnoooottttthhhhhinnnggggggggggggggg no hope no money and  blackpool will run all over us
  5. here this  one will make you  laugh then  when city win everyone at the club gets a  bonus backroom staff desk staff everyone '' ha  what a  joke//
  6. spuars  v arsenal was £61 if thats anything to go by
  7. yep  that what we plan to do  ive ripped up  the  renewal or should  i say  the three why send  three lots  out same address three lots of post. need all the money they can get. i figure  there be  no  problem getting  in  next season we supported  them since  boys and  the  rubbish ive seen this season has  got  to us plus walking  out past that car park full of  mercs rangees etc after what  ive watched this season makes me sick so dont anyone else feel the same. see colchester are doing to scummmmerrrssss  1.0
  8. a million miles better than what we have at the back now fact
  9. lost  that  one an allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  10. well that  is  it  for the  three of  us i rather watch  my  12 year old  in his team on sunday.  Better still he would give  110% if he got  out there with that  lot we  have been ticket holders for  year but the sheer dross being  played  in front of us and lack of signings has showen the light the gates are down  and with no end in sight watch them fall by the end of season . Put the prices  up more like  put them down''  let  no one be  mistaken  it will not be  a lockout  next year hard earnt  money is hard earnt not given to a bunch of  overated footballers who have  little hart for a fight//
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