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  1. What a Joke where has the cash all gone ,i hope this dont bite us in the ass one big let down
  2. Has today been a wash out nothing really spent lappin and morrison gone ,Becchio and Kamara in .Are we not better than this now
  3. The time has come to sell some of our league 1 and championship heroes who do you think should go and be replaced with quality like bassong
  4. Agreed they''d be hungry all these people saying how son you must be on something or been watching last years repeats
  5. I have to agree,for me Jackson Kane ,Barnett and howson all need to go how many chances do they need I was shocked how bad Bennett was and fox looks heavy and leggy due to his time out ,he needs games . Fingers crossed we buy some energy players
  6. 50 games 10 goals last season in the championship how can anyone not see this a terrible signing for a team in the second season in the prem its not im sayin pay loads in wages to a striker but come on this is just us clutching at straws panic buying
  7. watch out sensible forum police about no opinions allowed some would call these fans yes men
  8. How can anyone see this as a move forward ,if you do id section yourself in hellesdon quick
  9. http://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=39157 His stats
  10. We have to be looking at better strikers than this look at our income some fans are so easy going he will be like Martin and Morrison useless and we will go down
  11. He will not do a job in the prem are you on crack ,brighton want rid cause he was useless
  12. what a joke another slow useless lump so gutted ,so angry hes shite
  13. Blackburn are in a sorry mess makes you think why ever have we not gone for him its not alot compared to what we as a club are making this season and we need to stay up this year as money goes up next year
  14. I just wonder how much the fee is and also why would any player go to that chaos of blackburn Could we sneak in with a bid now??
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