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  1. Wow, that code is fantastic, apologies...Now, where''s the ''edit'' button...?
  2. I transcribed it - here you go:AN: "People say we’re looking for a striker; I’m looking for a forward player. We’ve been doing a lot of watching teams and talking to different people but it’s on-going."
  3. Whilst we''re at it, why don''t we get Fer back as well? I mean, it''s not like we got relegated for a reason or anything, right?! Definitely not because our players weren''t good enough.
  4. Cheers Ricardo, good stuff. Watford fans online were saying it was a red card as well, even joking that Redmond was lucky to stay on the pitch after running into Ekstrand''s elbow.
  5. Buh and the Voice of Monkey Island bloke are our only two fans apparently as everyone as is "plastic" by their standards. If you don''t sleep in yellow and green pyjamas surrounded by yellow and green bedsheets in a yellow and green bedroom in a yellow in green house... so on and so forth. In their case however, due to the fact they keep reiterating what "real" fans they are and dismissing everyone else, I''d suggest the only colours they surrounded themselves with are blue and white.
  6. Wasn''t at the game today, but Michael Bailey said it was the music from the darts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFbUPsaZQZI
  7. Sorry to disappoint you Buh, but I had to put up with mere minute-by-minute updates and numerous highlights on twitter because I''m abroad (and others may not afford to go. So what? Doesn''t make them any less of a fan, football''s expensive nowadays) so therefore any had about 50 views at every event. You''re, as stated by another poster, a troll. As for the booing - the general consensus online was that it was from the Watford fans after Redmond was elbowed in the face. I can only assume they thought he purposefully ran into Ekstrand''s elbow.
  8. [quote user="Newton"]lake district canary wrote the following post at 05/06/2014 12:10 PM: This half "whit" believes in a player that has great finishing technique and if provided with some service would score goals. Get a winger who can cross early and accurately and all our strikers might score a few more - rvw included. ZippersLeftFoot wrote the following post at 05/06/2014 12:37 PM: Newton wrote: Adams has made it very clear to Wolf that he has no future with this club Really?? Where are the quotes that confirm that? I saw most games last season - when did u see all this promise ? Or is it just because his name is on the back of your shirt ? I think Grabban may play in the same position as Wolf - or have u not noticed ? Anyone who saw his display at Fulham could see here was a forward who was completely unsuited to the physical side of english football Neil saw this as well, he used him less & less over the last 4 games We have to hit the ground running in August not adopt your dewy eyed approach of he looks good in the videos - surely he will get one for us ? WOLF NO THANK [/quote] If you''re going to question the intellectual prowess of other people purely for their opinion, at least make sure you can use the English language effectively yourself. Anyway, don''t see why Grabban arriving would signal the end of Wolf, what with Elmander returning to Galatasaray. That means we''ve still got the same amount of strikers as we had last year, but Becchio will probably leave so we''ll be seeing another striker signing - unless Jamar Loza will play a part. Still think that Wolf is technically a better player than Hooper, just needs the service and he''ll be fine.
  9. It''s a lose-lose for Hughton though. If we do play the 4-6-0 that RollesbyCanary suggested and lose maybe 1 or 2-0, he''d get abused for being too defensive. Stick with the 4-4-2 and lose 4 or 5-0 and he''d get abused for not being defensive enough. Saying that, even if we won he''d still get callers on Canary Call calling for his head... Personally, I''d go for a 4-5-1. Ruddy; Olsson, Bennett, Bassong, Martin; Jonas, Johnson, Fer, Tettey, Snodgrass; Hooper. Was tempted to swap the defence around and give Yobo a debut instead of Bassong but feel Seb will have a better understanding with Bennett.
  10. They''re a weaker team than when they tonked us earlier in the season. Still, going for a 1-4 loss, Negredo hat-trick. To be honest, I just want RVW to score...
  11. [quote user="Warren Hill"]Empty words. If he cared that much he''d have made sure he was fit. Just another example of the manager having lost the dressing room. I guarantee RVW will be fit for the new managers first game.[/quote] Get a grip.
  12. Why do we need 20 threads about exactly the same thing? Yes, we all know Hughton isn''t exactly doing very well at the moment, that we''re 18th in the league and that the West Ham game is a must-win or else he''s gone. We''re probably fuelling the attention-seeking by replying, mind...
  13. Spain or Germany is the way to go in my opinion. Far more tactical knowledge than any English manager. England''s just so far behind in terms of both youth and managerial coaching.
  14. [quote user="pilksfanclub"]You''re missing the point. The point is that fans don''t rate us as highly as they should because we are seen as small which leads to players like Ruddy etc being underrated. This has led to our odds not being in line with what they should be as they bet accordingly.What I was questioning, it was horrifically phrased, is why aren''t we being seen like a club like Villa who were as close as we were to the drop Also bookmaker manipulation plays a part but this is mostly down to people underrating us.[/quote]     Yeah, Ruddy''s so underrated that he''s got an England cap and would have more if he hadn''t got injured against Everton, and Chelsea offering £5m+ for him...   Also, who cares about odds and the bookies? We''re always favourites to go down every year.
  15. Marko Marin has already gone on loan to Sevilla, so it wouldn''t have been him.
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