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  1. I think Kei Ansu Kamara would be a perfect buy for us..great player and passion..just what we need.
  2. I miss morty..id like to buy him a drink
  3. I morty..id like to.buy him a drink
  4. Ultimate fool award goes to City 2nd..well done
  5. Greavsy..i say again stop @!××i g up threads. If you have issues with a poster maybe discuss with them face to face....no?
  6. Yes great reaction to his goal- will be a great addition! Greavsy- stop being a %^%. Stop ruining these threads. Perhaps meet anyone you have issues with here face to face and discuss your problems..........no?
  7. Come on you can all do it..all together...well done Norwich! Just you and me then Morty
  8. If a anyone boos i will slap their face with a wet kipper..honest
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