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  1. Col

    MFW tweeting..

    My Football Writer
  2. Col

    MFW tweeting..

    a pic of Jens Keller
  3. Col

    Paul Tisdale

    Wonder if Webber is a done deal and he is making recommendations while he works his notice ?
  4. Col

    Paul Tisdale

    Has moved up to third favourite
  5. I don''t think Delia would risk this , Malky has baggage as previously pointed out.
  6. Col

    Stuart Pearce Odds 😱

    Forest fans turned on him after less than a season.
  7. Col

    Billy Davies?

    No no a thousand times no
  8. Neill was sacked on Friday, it is now only Tuesday , hardly dithering. I assume Yorkshire Canary is involved on the board as he knows that they are dithering and doing nothing.

  9. Why don''t we all give the new manager/DOF/Head Coach a chance whoever he is/ they are ? Just a thought .
  10. I have no problem at all with it
  11. Grayson seems to be slowly moving up the odds table
  12. Col

    Smug Balls

    What some of you need to realise, the age of the chairman as the owner and dictator of a football club have gone. It is the CEO who controls and pulls the strings along with the owners, the days of Geoffrey Watling, Bob Lord , Manny Cussins etc. have gone. Ed is on the board but is a figurehead, just like the chairman of a modern business .
  13. Col

    It's Rowett

    Was just going to post that !
  14. Col

    Smug Balls

    Sensible and accurate post Mr. Lake Didtrict.
  15. Col

    It's Hodgson

    How hilarious to mock somebody''s speech
  16. Col

    Yanic Wildschut

    It ain''t going to happen is it ?
  17. Col


    How if he is already on loan at Hull ? Or am I wrong ?
  18. Col


    His Horlicks is starting to take effect
  19. Col


    Go to bed, you know it makes sense
  20. Col

    Yanic Wildschut

    We haven''t got him yet..
  21. Col

    Yanic Wildschut

    17,322 that''s amazing !
  22. Col

    Yanic Wildschut

    He has been at Wigan, our pies might not come up to his expectations
  23. Col

    Yanic Wildschut

    We won''t get him