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  1. Good Lordy, he had a flu vaccination not a triple bypass!
  2. Wouldn't have got that jab if we were still in your beloved EU Any other hypocritical Remainiacs on here had their jabs yet?
  3. It's the Guardian ffs, so intentionally misleading... When will you Lefties cease grasping stories like this without ever thinking about the content or actual facts? 85% of Ireland's exports to the UK transited UK ports until end 2020 -- Does the 68% drop take this into account? It's a loss of business for ports, not a loss of UK exports --- Similarly, the UK was a landing point for international imports intended for the continental EU market -- This will no longer happen, but isn't a drop in UK exports either... And are they really so dumb at the Guardian to ignore the detriment the virus has caused? Of course the answer to that is both dumb and ignorant. Bring on the GB News channel with all due haste
  4. https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/064/600/910/original/9c9cf286623eb1e8.mp4
  5. He also has liberal tendencies, just not as severe as say, horseflaps
  6. Universities turn people into closed minded liberal fanatics who see the world how they want it to be, not how it actually is. 'Corduroy jacketed Lefty academics'
  7. It can't come soon enough... https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1394315/Andrew-Neil-GB-News-latest-comment You Lefties seriously need a strong dose of reality
  8. The only thing you Lefties can fix is elections
  9. I see your precious EU is now kissing Russia's @rse to make up its shortfall in vaccine supplies
  10. Didn't need 'Time' magazine to admit the election was rigged against Trumpski, but last Thursday they did just that: https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/ You have to be seriously dim or more accurate a liar of the highest order to believe the election wasn't rigged in favour of dementia Joe.
  11. https://michaeljlindell.com/
  12. Labour are currently four points behind the worst conservative government ever.. What does that tell you Lefty simpletons?
  13. So when the UK joins the CPTPP the latter will have 130 million more consumers than the EU Lots to look forward to
  14. Jobs lost, no jobs gained, blah, blah, blah... Have you forgotten about the Coronavirus and its damage to business, jobs and the economy worldwide? I expect you're going to blame Brexit for the virus at some point
  15. No further comment needed
  16. I hear Liz Truss is to announce on Monday that the UK is formally applying to join the CPTPP There's 11 current members and the value of trade in 2020 was approximately $152bn Canada Mexico Peru Chile New Zealand Australia Brunei Singapore Malaysia Vietnam Japan Unlike EU membership, joining does not require the UK to cede control over our laws, borders, or money Now, if one subtracted the UK out of the EU and added it to the CPTPP it would relegate the EU to the fourth largest trading block in the world.... Don't tell that to Remainiacs mind, they might get offended.... Oh! Too late
  17. Have you had the jab yet, Ricardo? I had the Oxford last Wednesday I trust the Remainiacs here are going to wait in the EU queue for their jabs rather than the UK one
  18. There's, unfortunately, only 12 true Conservatives in the conservative Party and still it doesn't matter whom the Tory leader, they'll beat the opposition parties for the foreseeable future. I'm looking at what the liberal conservatives are up against --- Starmer, Davey, Bartley & Blackford
  19. Like Rightwing Poland is going to pay KiO three hundred quid plus top ups for teaching/indoctrinating kids with Lefty BS I'll hazard a guess he'll stay where his bread is buttered both sides in good ol' blighty. Still idiots on here defending the EU, even with the latest debacle concerning vaccines, defies belief -- It's why I rarely post these days. Tired, tired, tired of the Lefty mantra that is conducive to nothing but sh*te.
  20. A big shout out to the private sector that's keeping the public sector and economy alive throughout this 'pandemic'
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