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  1. Thats so not funny, as well as being completely dishonest.
  2. A Dereham Town season ticket would be alot cheaper! [;)] Im a season ticket holder at NCFC too but I didnt go Wednesday night but the rest of my family did and they said the same thing about the atmosphere.    
  3. He didnt exactly admit it, he just didnt deny it. My first reaction was no he didnt make a gesture.
  4. Good post. We have renewed our tickets too.  I love seeing the Canaries win, but win, lose or draw I enjoy going to Carrow Road and watching my team play. Simple.
  5. Worthy isnt going anywhere this season, so get used to the idea. Lets get behind the team instead of whinging and whining ...
  6. LOL! Im struggling to come up with Player of the Year, but I think it would have to be Doherty for me.
  7. In the corner of the Geoffrey Watling Stand near the River End right on the front row, right near the corner flag.
  8. I agree, but I would choose Rehman.  Ive been impressed so far
  9. [quote user="allways travelling"]Give me earnshaw everytime ashton is overated fat and unfit and plays when he wants to.Never thought he looked like a hungry goalscorer when he played.Earnshaw looks like he is busting a gut to get goals or do well for city.Being fat and unfit was the reason ashton is always injured i would love to see him attempt a back flip when he scores.The money we got for ashton is going to turn out to be the best bit of buisness this club has done for years.And in earnshaw we have someone who will always get goals that i am sure of and not throw his dummy ouy when things are not going well.Ashton never looked like a players player to me just interested in himself more than the team.GOOD RIDDANCE TO HIM.[/quote]   I would exactly go as far as saying good riddance to Ashton, but I do agree with everything else you say.  I agree he looked fat and unfit and he never quite did it for me.  He never looked like scoring many goals for Norwich or wanting to.
  10. Are some fans never happy?  When Norwich are playing badly and losing, I can see why some fans walk out of the ground early as a kind of protest. But why did so many fans leave today before the end?  Loads of fans in the main stand and the Norwich & Peterborough stand left early.  It was so obvious. I just hope the players didnt see it. I know sometimes the odd few have to leave earlier for travelling reasons/other committments but it was quite embarrassing today, I felt.  Thoughts/comments?????
  11. After about 80 minutes things got better.  I think McKenzie made the difference. Earnshaw isnt getting the service (no surprise there) and really didnt touch the ball first half. Falls over too easily too. I think and hope that now he has the two goals, his confidence will grow and there is more to come. P.S.  Liked his goal celebration somersaults.....it was right in front of me in the corner lol
  12. Ive always been on a Thursday, Canarygirl.  If you ring the Club they will give you the number for Colney. They may tell you to ring on the morning to make sure the players are actually training. Ive always found the players to be very accomodating with autographs and photos at the end, so dont forget your camera and pen! I expect Rob Earnshaw will be the latest target for the fans so expect him to be mobbed ! Have fun, your kids will have a great time.
  13. Yes I absolutely agree.  On Sunday he was getting that boring long ball and he''s simply not tall enough for one thing and cant stay on his feet for another. Thats going to get really boring and tedious. I hope he doesnt turn out to be a waste of money, but I have that awful feeling.......
  14. Good post Maidenhead Canary. I agree with everything you have said.
  15. Confidence is something the whole team have lacked this season so it really cant be a bad thing. I think he could be good for the team....well here''s hoping!
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