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  1. [quote user="Metal Militia"]I''ve never taken a club coach to away games but might do this time - any good?[/quote] Avoid at all costs!! Unless you want to put up with annoying little teenagers, no leg room and no no alcohol
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for where to park at ipswich as only really ever been there on train when we''ve played them. reading the advice from the club it looks like parking will be at a premium around the ground. Was thinking about just parking up at stow market and getting train up as its on my way anyway and can then get polices scott to and from the ground.
  3. http://www.qpr.co.uk/news/article/120514-qpr-championship-play-off-final-tickets-1548512.aspx Found this for last years tickets. Cheapest at £39 most expensive £98 so guessing it will be roughly the samw maybe a tad more expensive
  4. Did anyone actually get out of the queue yesterday in the online ticketing site as ifm yet to hear of anyone who did. I don''t see why they didn''t just give season ticket holders until say Wednesday to secure their seat and then just sell whatever''s left and the non sth seats to members then. Surely would all be more manageable then? I''m hoping they outsource the wembley tickets if ir comes to that to someone like ticketmaster or seetickets as it will be even more of a shambles if we do it
  5. What''s the best thing to do when going by car. I''m going by myself and never driven so not sure where best place to park and that? Was thinking the multi-storey by the train station as can tag along with the police escort then.
  6. Will see what I can manages. Maybe 2 together and 1 in front would be ok.
  7. I have a question about home leg tickets for play offs? I would ask ticket office but they are shut. Basically I have a season ticket but wish to not sit in my seat for the ipswich game as its all season ticket holders around me and I wish to sit with my girlfriend and dad who are both members. Will i only be able to buy myself a ticket in my usual seat or will I be able to Buy one somewhere else?
  8. Bournemouth will beat bolton. On the basis of our win against them a couple of weeks ago i think bournemouth will eventually break them down. I have no confidence in brighton getting anything from boro regardless
  9. It was a silly thing to do no matter how soft the punch. If bolton do go and beat bournemouth it will be even more frustrating. But I agree the ref was awful and I too noticed him grinning and winking at one point, seemed to be enjoying the limelight
  10. Planning to get there for about 12ish and watch the watford game at bridge inn
  11. The ideal thing to happen is for brighton to beat watford in the early kick off. WE then go into rotherham game knowing that If we win we will go into top 2 on goal difference over watford and if boro don''t win we will go top. This would Be ideal as going into last game it would be in our own hands. If boro were to win then we would need bolton to beat bournemouth to stay in top 2 next monday night.
  12. Short notice but does anyone have a watford ticket they would be interested in selling me? Only need the one ticket, if anyone can help can they pm me or email me at sebncfc123@gmail.com Cheers
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