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  1. You could try the binner end i bet they havent sold out yet
  2. Daz I went home and away take it from me it''s a bye!
  3. Tilly at the best of times our clubs web site is a bit ropey I didn''t want to take the chance of it going down. Stood for best part of 2 hours in the rain but got a ticket. Will do the same if we get to Wembley. Lesson is if you can get down to the carra that is the best bet having the paper in your hands straight away
  4. I have over 2200 points and got down to the carra an hour before the ticket office opened. Clearly if Tilly was taut keen to go to the match he would have got out of his bed earlier.
  5. A playoff semi final and all the plastics come out of the woodwork where have they been all season? Just waiting to see my first anyone watching the game in Timbuktu thread
  6. I wouldn''t want to take on either in a pie eating contest
  7. I got my ticket but had to queue up early to get it. Another screw up under mcnallys watch. Surprise surprise
  8. There is nothing more entertaining than a thread full of plastics trying to convince people they are not plastic
  9. [quote user="mark7875"]I had to give up my season ticket when I got my new job which involves shifts. I purchased a priority membership in the hope that I could make some games this season. The way my work fell, I have only been able to get to 1 game. Does that make me a "plastic"[/quote] Yes it very much makes you a despicable plastic
  10. Now that we have effectively been given a bye into the next round what will the price range be roughly for the final at Wembley?
  11. Needs to be a big big win don''t give them any excuses that we are worth millions they did well etc. a comprehensive humiliating defeat is what is needed
  12. They must be demolition Derbyshire at least 9 - 2 is the minimum requirement Bragging rights must also come with humiliation OTBC
  13. I remember back in the day when this forum was about Norwich City
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