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  1. I haven't offered any opinion on this subject yet, so,as a consequence you can claim whatever you like in regards to substance. language skills or knowledge. Doesn't mean I haven't read it, understood German, or don't have an opinion, does it? The beauty of how social media works is that it allows everyone to have an opinion. I don't think you quite get that. I commented because other posters on here had sussed, and called, you out. So, it's not only me who has the same opinion of you, but is that because we are all xenophobic, uneducated, single language racists? To save you presuming anything else, for your agenda, I have worked in 2 countries already this year, many thousands of miles apart, and worked with Indians, Iranians, French, South Africans and Kiwis (I must admit, I was grateful that they all spoke English, phew!) and even though my Dad is dead, I bet he was bigger than your Dad.
  2. It's not abuse. It's calling you out for what you are. Smugly superior? The irony meter has just broken.
  3. Abuse? There are none so blind as those who will not see. People are just wise to you. I was, a few years ago. Others have joined the party.
  4. One not thing. Missed it again. Or did you choose to ignore it............?
  5. But some of your old habits just can't be shaken off though. Lol
  6. To quote from a previous post; Clearly the point completely passed you by because you obviously didn’t grasp the meaning
  7. Anyone know one of those 'No win no fee' lawyers?
  8. And there is me thinking you might have learnt something over these last few years T. How wrong was I, giving you the benefit of the doubt? Plus, you obviously still have that cheap phone. I thought you would have upgraded that by now.
  9. 11.00a.m. Our Mayor came to our street and we had a small service (over a PA system) , with the 2 minute silence, and have just had a couple of poems and a sing song (again in the street) at 3 o'clock whilst raising a glass.
  10. At least you saw a couple of draws kio
  11. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-05-01/second-virus-wave-may-be-more-severe-than-first-whitty-warns/?fbclid=IwAR3LytCEaWdSWlbYlWaMbDChNW0K1cWzHG0k7PXBFXvn7V7r9oPnoypXE2I He's someone whose opinion I'd rather listen to, than anyone in the Costa queue.
  12. None of the above RTB. I have my own business, I have employees, I have a family. My business will suffer financially because of this, but people are still dying on a large scale. We are not talking isolated and manageable situations. I appreciate that some people are in a financial mess, and I make reference to that, but supporting your family with a Costa or KFC isn't my definition of 'support' especially when the alternative is as catastrophic as it can get. There are Govt measures to support businesses and (self) employed people (not every single person, again I appreciate, but the majority). I have a friend's Dad , who if he survives Covid (which he has got), will be one of those 'miracle' stories. I have a Sister In Law who works on the front line, in the Norfolk & Norwich hospital. People need to respect the situation. Suddenly the numbers who are not doing that is shooting up. In terms of lockdown, what is the difference between this week and a fortnight ago? Nothing, except people's personal opinions/entitlement/obstinance/selfishness/frustrations. People's mental health is very important, but if their, or people they come into contact with, physical health deteriorates to the point of death, then.....? It's not scaremongering with the numbers as they currently are. You can't bully this virus.
  13. Agree sonyc. There seem some aholes who , just because they are bored/entitled/arrogant/selfish think they can/should go about their business pretty much as they did 2 months ago. Unfortunately some people are in financial hardship, and some businesses will not survive this period, BUT the alternative is potential death. But doesn't mean that people cannot wait another couple of weeks or so, for a fookin Costa or a KFC. The lockdown is still on. Who the **** do people think they are in going about these movements now, and yet a fortnight ago, when we were still on lockdown, they didn't? Everyone's an expert all of a sudden. Ffs, the rules are there, and people are that bloody thick, that they pass the buck of responsibility to others, and cannot think for themselves
  14. and what about Bournemouth, who are in the relegation zone by 1 goal?
  15. In the early 80s I was on a coach that royally fooked up it's journey to a Man Utd away game. Although it was late April, there had been a lot of snow and although we eventually traversed the Pennines, we didn't roll into Manchester until 4.45, thereby missing the game. We lost 1-0 apparently........
  16. Didn't get to that one, but was at the likes of Yeovil (1980) FA Cup game and also Cambridge's Abbey Stadium in 82. They were crap grounds but, tbh, they were great in equal measures, as away fans, because they were so far removed from some of the souless stadiums that we see today. Open ended terraces, have a magic (if it isn't peeing down) all about them, either right on top of the game, like the two I have already mentioned or other old grounds I went to such as The Dell, Burnden Park, Goldstone Ground, Selhurst Park (actually that was sheite), Forest's City Ground, Meadow Lane, Stamford Bridge, Fulham, Luton, Oxford etc etc. They were the days............. I didn't go to Paulton which must have been great (for us old nostalgic farts, anyway)
  17. Would you say the same if you were a Villa or Bournemouth fan? If so, you are basically saying that we should accept the league positions as they are now?
  18. Interested to hear stories of fans who have traveled to pre season games, away (Europe/Malaysia etc)
  19. Haven't got a link, but basically I turned up at CR to get on the coaches, but they had already left for Dover (I was in the military at the time and had not received notification of the time change) I got speaking to Kathy (did not know her at the time, but she hadn't got notification of the time change either). We decided to try and catch the coaches up (Kathy was brave jumping into a strangers car, at 4.30 on a dark morning). Norwich to Dover in 2 hours 15 mins, dumped the car basically on the side of the road if memory serves correctly and finally got on our respective coaches just before they were to board the ferry. My coach driver was somewhat surprised to get a knock on the door from me to say the empty seat was mine!
  20. Yep, agree on Man City. The 6-0 loss was a day to forget. 3-0 at Wolves in the early 80s Getting thumped at Sunderland 4-1 was grim, although I went a few weeks later for a gritty 0-0 Cup game, to redeem it somewhat Losing at a poor Cardiff side 1-0 and getting the coach stoned after the game, was a tad unpleasant
  21. Remember those Wolves games also. We took a beating Also 4-0 at home to Wimbledon Colchester anyone? 1-0 at home to a crap Charlton (Roeder manager if I remember correctly) Leicester 3-2 to send us down in 81 That's off the top of my head!
  22. Just seen this. Vitesse away . Just HAD to be at our 1st away European away game, but as a consequence, couldn't afford any other away games, although got to the Bayern Munich home game. My (our) story to get to Vitesse has been documented in print and on the Radio Norfolk airwaves, thanks to Kathy
  23. Wembley 1985 and 2015 (one was my sister's birthday, and the other was my Mum's birthday) Cardiff 2002 Vitesse away (couldn't afford further away excursions after that, but always wanted to be at our 1st ever European away game) 85 both Semis vs Binners 89 Semi vs Everton Had to work (alongside a Sunderland fan!) in 92, so missed that Midland, I was also at Leicester for the 4-1. That was a big game in League terms Grimsby away (Q/F) in 85 felt huge at the time, We dared to dream at that point Winning at Liverpool (2-0) in 83 felt awesome as well. Not forgetting 3-2 at Portman Road in 82. First time I had seen us win there, felt mahoosive!
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