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  1. Mmm, not if your going to call us that. Get a map out and have a guess!
  2. And we won the 0-0 on penalties, so 3 out of 3!
  3. The way we are playing now and back then (top of the league, 7 wins out of 10, just humped Aberdeen and won at Celtic), bears no resemblence to that display you unfortunately witnessed. And we badly miss Andreu, though the rot had already started with him still in the team. Good to see him already getting some game time.
  4. Sad to see Tony going. I''m sure he''ll thrive among better players but give him time please. Hopefully he''ll be a signing like Johnny Russell or Craig Bryson for you. They''ve done not bad for Derby coming from a "sunday league", sorry for biting on that one!
  5. Hi folks, dipping in here once more. To answer this, Partick are a very good if very inconsistent team. They won 4-0 at Inverness who look good in third place. On their day they are a match for anyone but Accies are still 15 points ahead of them. Tony Andreu is an excellent player who could definitely play in the Championship. To say not on the same planet, what about Stephen Dobbie and Jason Scotland? They came to the Championship from the Scottish SECOND tier. They both fitted in ok and went on to the Premiership, where admittedly they struggled. Last night I watched ex-Livingston Stefan Scougall and Marc McNulty acquit themselves very well for Sheffield Utd against Spurs and they have never played in the Scottish Premier. Tony would thrive alongside better players and a less in your face style of football. He should adapt to the quicker pace. Hendrie is a strange one. If we get £2m for him we''ll have won a watch!
  6. Poceni, you are talking from a position of ignorance. Sorry, no other way to say it. Alex Neil does not favour direct football. Although Scottish football does tend to be more "in your face" than English football (you seem to be given more freedom to play the ball out) Accies always tried to get the ball down and play an expansive game. I wouldn''t worry. He''ll get you playing as good a game as the league will allow.
  7. Quite a few Scottish clubs use them. Kilmarnock in the top flight, Falkirk, Queen of the South, Alloa in the league below and a few clubs lower down the tiers. They are excellent for those clubs that see youth development as the way forward, and also for getting matches on during the Scottish winter! Accies original plastic pitch from 2004-2008 had to be ripped up and replaced with grass the last time we got promoted to the Premier and that really hindered our youth set up. Fortunately the new league set up relaxed that rule. We have won as many games away from home but there''s no doubt it is a big advantage. It suits our passing game. The quality varies, there are some grim ones lower down, but ours is supposedly near the top of the range. I think it was CSKA Moscow who played champions league games on theirs not that long ago, though it may be away now.
  8. My fellow fan has covered it all well. Worth pointing out that Andreu missed the first three games of the season through injury and yet is still second top scorer in league, behind Adam Rooney with 14, from a midfield position. Scorer of some stunning goals, many last season were not filmed. Check out his injury time piledriver in the 3-3 draw with Partick if you haven''t already. Hendrie is a strange one. His form did fade away badly, after debuting as a 16 year old who played like someone years older. A regular now for Scotland U21s yet many Accies fans will tell you that our other full back, Ziggy Gordon, is the better player. He has always been overlooked for international honours, sometimes in favour of Celtic reserves who have never got near the first team. Hendrie is perhaps better in the opponents half, sends over a great cross and one of these days will score a worldy with his sweet left foot. Over 100 apps for first team at age of 19, another Alex Neil legacy!
  9. Paul Lambert was a complete flop at Livingston. I believe their record run of defeats came under him. Lambert as a player was obviously top class and you can''t compare their careers however Neil has played at the highest level in Scotland and your current level in England. He has only played about 8 games this season through injury (he''s been plagued by injury for several years) but when he has played he has strolled through the games. I know Scottish football is sneered at, but for the size of country it is not too bad. Only last season another small club, St Johnstone knocked Rosenborg out of Europe and this season knocked out FC Luzern of Switzerland. I doubt many League One sides (many seem to equate SPL with this level) would beat these sides or come away from Celtic with three points.
  10. [quote user="estrada rumtotal"]This is like Peter Grant all over again. Actually worse, we''re about to appoint a Northern Premier level manager with hardly any experience whose side plays absolutely turgid Pulis style hoofball.This would see the club overtake Leeds for having the most batsh1t insane owner. This has potential to be the most dramatic meltdown in the club''s history.[/quote] OK, I''ll bite. You are an ignoramous. Northern Premier? Hoofball? Ask Celtic fans who played the better football when we deservedly beat them at home earlier this season. We also destroyed current leaders Aberdeen 3-0.
  11. TCCANARY - Harsh! Alex speaks like Brian Sewell compared to Paul Lambert.
  12. If you want an ancient playing squad full of unfit players and a manager with no clue tactically, go for it! He had three tries at beating Alloa this season and couldn''t do it.
  13. Hi folks, Hamilton fan here. Very sad to think we might lose our fantastic manager. Accies currently sit third in the Premier which is quite staggering for a club with barely 2000 supporters. We play good quick football, centred around a group of young players, the bulk of whom have came through the clubs youth system (we currently sit top of the U20 league, above Celtic and Rangers). Alex has graduated from being Billy Reid''s assistant, our previous manager who did a great job, three seasons in the SPL, before losing his mojo somewhat. He turned down the Swansea job, they got Rodgers instead and is now assistant manager in the Swedish second Division. For that reason, I can''t see Alex turning this job down. Fancy he might take the brilliant Tony Andreu with him, check out some of his goals on that link in the other thread. Stephen Hendrie our left back is seemingly about to go to the Premiership for around £2m but our next best player for me after Andreu is wee Ali Crawford but he might be too light weight for the Championship. Anyway, jumping the gun a bit here but I think you will have a diamond in Neil, who is also a very valuable player to us, a defensive midfielder but he has had many injury problems over the years and will probably now hang up his boots.
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