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  1. Germany's comparative success is explained by everyone staying at home and enjoying a top rated massaging app. I knew there would be a happy ending to this story.
  2. I think you ask an important question. It seems logical that the app is made available on the widest basis, which obviously means the maximum number of systems. And there is an additional point that you did not raise in that it is generally society's elders and most vulnerable that miss out by not having the latest tech But I dont think a question can be turned into a criticism unless there is good reason to think it could (has) been done better. If, say, Germany had an all singing app that was proved to be suppressing infection then the criticism should begin...
  3. Has anyone made an app that works on every phone? Is it even possible? If not, we may as well complain that no one has perfected a flux capacitor for the de lorean
  4. Given that rates are up right across Europe I would say that the capacity of an app to play a major role in infection control is more limited than a lot of people think/hope. Success or failure will not be determined by the smartphone.
  5. I always used to get ill in the first couple of weeks of the year Fresher's flu we called it as it was rife in fresher's week. Symptoms will be much less widely spread by December
  6. I wasn't aware that i was attempting to answer a question, rhetorical or otherwise, but glad to help I suspect though that you have been firm in your opinion for a while now and I haven't really clarified anything! For what it is worth i do feel that boris is very much a libertatian and will not easily demand that people surrender what would in years gone by seem the inalienable right to see who they want in their own home
  7. The advice and the law have become quite distinct. The advice is still strong on what should and what should not be done. The law is weaker, only requiring that social events be limited to six or less (although that does mean there is very little scope for a family of say 4 or 5 to meet any other family socially). There is probably a deep philosophical question about liberalism and collectivism here somewhere and probably also one about whether or not it is righy to pass what is likely to prove unenforceable law to emphasise a point.
  8. This was one of the reasons face masks were not recommended at the start of lockdown. False sense of security
  9. We need to realise that if we want to have liberty and to keep people alive we must be sensible, restrict ourselves and play by the rules. If we don't the choice for government is stark, deaths or redundancies. It was good to have a reminder today but if we need a second the gloves must come off again. And I say this as an optimist. I've always thought that a degree of spread is not necessarily a bad thing, that in the long run we'll fair no worse and no better than comparable countries or areas and that lockdown was never going to be a magic bullet.
  10. I wonder what the Spanish PM is saying now. 241 deaths recorded in one day and nearly 11,000 recorded infections. We are going either there or into full lockdown where we are going if we don't start taking better care again.
  11. The more I look at then and now thw more I wonder just how early we got it. Had it already been in mass circulation long before we realised? How far bacm have we dated it in the UK/ Europe?
  12. Eg Man has a heart attack and is admitted whilst there they have a positve test and dies of heart failure 7 days later. I was musing on the significance of events like this that get recorded. I dont suppose we have enough data to really analyse this so no matter.
  13. If its on the death certificate the doctor feels that covid was material . What we sont know is how many people have had a positive test and are on the stats but covid is not listed on the certificate.
  14. I'm sorry for being stupid here but I really dont see it. The data notes say that the spreadsheet: "contains information on deaths of patients who have died in hospitals in England and had either tested positive for COVID-19 or where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate...where there has been no COVID-19 positive test result, but where COVID-19 is documented as a direct or underlying cause of death on part 1 or part 2 of the death certification process" There is no requirement that where a test is positive the disease must be the direct cause of death as far as i can see. This makes sense to me, generally (though I may be wrong) if we die of disease it is because our organs pack up. It could be that this failure is a consequence of covid, it could be that covid was a contributing factor or it could be that it was largely inconsequential. And i bet its very difficult to tell which given the result is the same, the organ has packed up. I'm not seeking to dismiss anythimg here. This is the worst dosease for a century and comes at a time when we had largely forgotten that the vast majority of humans ever born have subsequently died of disease.
  15. There is no easy answer to the NI border issue unless both sides reach a free trade deal agreement. Put a border between N and S and passions will be inflamed. Put it between NI and GB, passions will be inflamed. Both sides can claim some form of protection motive. Lets hope its all for show all around.
  16. thanks, i dont thi k it goes quite as far as you imply (ie that if it were not for covid these people would still be walking around) but it also doesn't go as far as saying anything that supports Jools. My assessment (based on nothing more than 6 months of interest in the subject) is that in the overwhelming majority of reportrd cases covid was a significant contributory factor.
  17. Do you have the source for this? I wasn't aware that there was a filter put to the figures. I dont think Jools is correct at all. Whilst it is true that some of those were quite high up the reaper's list a lot of people with underlying conditions are still quite far from joining the South stand eternal.
  18. I'm pretty sure we were discussing this back in April. Good to see some figures out to our speculations though.
  19. That's two for lockdown now. Its creeping back up the agenda. I suspect that the Sweden and, increasingly, Italy experiences together with the obvious downsides will stop lockdown happening but there does seem to be a slow shift this way.
  20. I am pretty sure nationalism remains an incredibly powerful emotion, in Europe and beyond. It has, thankfully, often found over forms or expressions in the west but to think that there is less tribalism in the world is refusing to look at the facts
  21. apparently if it is not unpleasant you havent done it right and it won't work!
  22. Does he need to know for work/childcare? If not, is it possible he could sit at home until symptoms subside?
  23. I dont think there is wide support for a full lockdown, here or generally. When I asked this question only YF was really in favour and then in a limited fashion if I remember correctly. Regardless of what is to be made of Sweden, the majority are probably of the 'lock up the old and the fragile' persuasion. There are no easy answers and the problem with the lock up the old approach (besides the lack of liberty enjoyed by those in this group, a big issue in itself) is that the more it circulates generally the harder it is to protect the vulnerable. Just ask the swedes, where most deaths were of care bone residents.
  24. I think that the ONS looks at deaths with covid on the certificate as the cause or as a contributing factor refrdkezs of test status (though a positive test is always included) . The 'official figures' require a positive test with 28 days. ONS has always been higher as far as i know.
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