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  1. No one knows for sure what omnicron will bring so I think a ramp up in messaging was required as a reasonable precaution, doubly so given we are at the start of 'the season'. But a couple.of months ago we didn't have omnicron and it wasn't season so I am not sure what a stronger message would have really achieved.
  2. Upo, after the earthquakes and volcanoes, and the stars falling to earth and after the great pestilence and the hellfire that you talked about before will a great beast with seven heads and ten horns rise out of the sea? Only I dont really like fish and would rather not face the the end of the world bring eaten by one.
  3. "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Upo, and Hell followed with him.” (Revelation 6:8)
  4. Hey RTB. In reality things are always more complicated but as a general rule I think the below applies. Bit long and huge simplification I am afraid... For a virus to enter a cell and hijack the cellular machinery to replicate it must first bind onto the cell at a particular place (in this case the ACE2 receptors we hear about). It binds to the cell by having a surface shape that is the opposite of the cell surface ( think two pieces of a puzzle, or a key in a lock). The more perfect the fit, the more infectious the virus becomes so the virus will naturally mutate to fit better (individual viruses won't mutate, we are talking the virus as a whole). Antibodies work in several ways but one of the ways is by latching onto the virus and thus changing its shape. If the fit becomes really poor as a result of have an antibody 'bump' the virus won't get in to the cell. The antibody/virus bind is the same, it requires a good fit, the better the fit the better the effect. The body adapts antibodies to acheive a better fit. In the early days of an infection or after vaccination antibodies will only be able to fit vaguely, but in time the antibodies being produced will switch to more specialist class with a more perfect fit (ie. Antibodies that work much better). The body will remember what works best and next time it sees the virus it can go straight to the well-honed response. A virus that finds the perfect fit will eventually start to see bodies with a perfect response; To avoid these super antibodies it might have to change its surface shape but if it does so it lowers its ability to bind onto the cell it requires... If delta had a perfect fit to ACE2 it stands to reason that what comes after must be less perfect. Sure it can evade the specialist defences better but that evasion comes at a cost to the virus (if cost is the right word). But is delta the perfect fit version?
  5. the jury instructions and the wisconsin criminal code. They certainly deal with the questions of 'reasonable to whom' and self defence claims after provocation. https://www.wgtd.org/news/rittenhouse-jury-instructions-released https://law.justia.com/codes/wisconsin/2019/chapter-939/section-939-48/ Interestingly, and to add balance to claims that as a general rule US law heavily favours the killer, 2 of the 3 Georgia defendants were convicted of 'felony murder' charges. There is a campaign to reform the nearest UK equivalent, 'joint enterprise murder' to make convictions like these very difficult to establish.
  6. What's Rt of delta in S Africa then? I've not been paying attention to them but we'll over 2 doesn't seem right.
  7. The actual instructions to the jury are online, as is the wisconsin criminal code. Paragraph 939.48 spoears to be the relevant part. I guess it's up to individual posters if they want to go to them to substantiate or refute assertions.
  8. I didn't follow the trial (and i haven't qualified for the American Bar) so can't really comment on the case itself. I posted as Indy's comments made me curious, so I thought I'd look it up a bit and share what I found. If that really is all the judge said I would find that a bit odd, but as I said I can't really comment and haven't heard or read the directions given
  9. I've been looking at Japan (and East Asia more generally) since the start. I am not sure anyone can really explain why pretty much the entire region has done so well. There are lots and lots of theories but none on their own are really satisfactory.
  10. Some of the answers to the questions you quite rightly raise might be in the relevant statutes. As far as I can tell you can't raise self defence if you go looking for trouble; act in response to the lawful actions of another; or you are engaged in criminal or otherwise unlawful acts yourself but as I am not a wisconsin based lawyer I am not sure I can say anymore on the matter Relevant statute appears to be here but I may be wrong. https://law.justia.com/codes/wisconsin/2019/chapter-939/section-939-48/
  11. I'll try to dig something out if I get time. It wouldn't have been due to the jannsen one jab vaccine, the numbers are so tiny as to be easily disregarded. There seems to be many ways of looking at the figures: total number of jabs; three, two ot one jabs per head of population; proportion over 12 with immunity. Most ways do though seem to have France at about 1-2% higher overall uptake than the UK. but UK appears to have much more 'immunity' in higher age groups- mainly due to boosters which havent really started yet in France (though as I have said before there is less demand for boosters there ar the number due to slower initial roll out)
  12. You might both be right. In terms of number of jabs France is around 1-2% ahead of the UK which is almost immaterial. But in terms of 'fully vaccinated' the two nations define it differently. In the UK its two jabs; in France its two jabs or one jab and confirmed infection. That might be the reason for CMs 7-8% difference.
  13. I once saw a Lithuanian almost explode when someone called her Eastern European rather than Northern European so, ironically, I thought this neutral term! My grandad told me about the Warsaw pact and mysterious places called yugoslavia and czechoslovakia that I dont believe ever existed...
  14. Netherlands has high vax but relatively low prior infection so I would expect high numbers/growth. Germany relatively low vax and relatively low infection so i would also expect big numbers. Spain, Portugal and Italy: high vax and high prior infection. Would expect lower growth. Former Warsaw pact: v. low vax, low prior Infection: off the chart big returns expected. Everything is going according to expectations based on the two ways of getting immunity I would have thought (though winter begins to hit at different times so picture is still emerging) France is the outlier and doesn't fit the pattern, their relative success (right now and thus far) reflects badly on whoever else you want to compare to them... Which might explain the recent interet pout tout ce qui est francais on here of late.
  15. You are correct. Advice to wear masks is still current https://www.gov.uk/guidance/covid-19-coronavirus-restrictions-what-you-can-and-cannot-do?priority-taxon=774cee22-d896-44c1-a611-e3109cce8eae I am not sure i would go as far as suggesting that masks are better than vaccines even if the 53% figure is correct (compared to some of the lower figures for vaccine efficacy after a period of time). After all, a mask might reduce infections but there is no evidence of a reduction in severity of disease, which must be the overriding goal of any intervention, particularly as it will be with us for a while yet - and everyone will probably get their chance eventually, mask or no mask. But these things are not mutually exclusive so I take the view that if its no imposition on me why would I not take all precautions?
  16. I'm going to dig out the study itself ( I wish articles would link routinely link to them) as the headline seems to make a really big and really important claim. If mask wearing really is twice as effective as distancing requirements and really does reduce infection by half as is implied this could be really big news, not just for where we are and how we review steps taken over the last few years but for how we live our lives well into the future. I am not sure why a vaccine programme is no longer a public health measure/initiative. That re-defining of public health seems to be a bit of an insult to the profession but that's an incidental observation.
  17. Still plenty of time to pass before the end of the coming winter. Rises in Germany, the Netherlands etc as they begin to enter winter were inevitable and entirely foreseeable but sustained rises in Portugal, Spain and Italy, with high vaccination rates and high levels of prior infection might still indicate trouble for us on the horizon. Problem is they get winter proper later so we night already be there by then...
  18. I don’t think he was ever popular. Even those that found him amusing could see huge flaws cutting through him. I cant know for sure obviously but I bet a lot of those who voted for him did so with a lot of regret. In one respect that makes him very vulnerable but in another it gives him a shield against negative campaigning, no one liked him before this line of attack isn't going to change opinions. It's 'baked in' as VW put it once. What will do for him is when the opposition begin to articulate a positive vision with broad emotional appeal. If they can do that he'll be despatched pretty quickly as the polls will give few other options.
  19. Are you stil trying to create an argument with me over over this?! LYB has called you out for misrepresenting what others say to score points before. Why you persist I don t know. Takes all sorts I guess, but let's not bore everyone else. Everyone else is trying to move the debate on. I'll respect that and leave you to argue with the man in your mirror.
  20. You've got me banged to rights young man. I am indeed Boris Johnson. I thought the high point of detection was when horsefly, robjames and Bill all got identified as the same person, and in particular by SC as a guy called Christopher, but you've won first prize now!
  21. I didn't say that allegations of corruption are unimportant. I said that the Parliamentary mechanisms for dealing with them was niche, technical and boring. I think we have different definitions of 'opinion'. By this I mean something subjective, something influenced by personal emotions and values as much as by the tangible and the measurable a 'fact' I would say is objective and uninfluenced by personal feelings. A fact exists outside of values. In your example I wouldnt say that a person is of the 'opinion that the earth is flat'. Instead I would say that they are of the 'belief that that earth is flat' and I fully agree that a belief can, in theory at least, be tested. Isn’t language fascinating?! But I am not sure you contacted me for a discussion on semantics or linguistics or whatever you want to call it and i fear we are losing our audience here...
  22. You really are up for a fight aren't you!? I should ignore it really but as you wish to rake up old ground to score points I will comment If you are sacked from work or you are denied asylum by the home office you can appeal to a tribunal. If you lose there you can further appeal to the appeals tribunal. If the appeals tribunal believe you may have a case they can order a fresh hearing. The same applies in lots, if not all areas of law. Parliamentary discipline is bit of an anomaly in not having a third tier. You can argue that a third tier in parliamentary proceedings isn't necessary, that a final vote is the equivalent of a third layer, or any number of things, but these are opinions to be discussed, not matters that are either right or wrong. In much the same way you can discuss whether there should be a third tier to asylum claims. Some would say the third layer only delays things moving on and that once your initial appeal against the home office decision is rejected this decision should be considered as final, others say it provides protection to the claimant. Neither opinion is inherently 'right' or 'wrong'. Let us be absolutely clear about this. I never said I thought paterson was innocent or that he didn't have an fair hearing. In fact i didn't comment on his case at all until much later where I said he likely was guilty and that I trusted the decision made. You seem desperate to prove me wrong. Putting aside the problems with proving an opinion to be factually wrong, I wonder of this says more about you and what you want from forum than it does about what I see as an incredibly niche, highly technical and fairly boring topic? I'll leave it there as I have no interest in fighting with you, and especially on the topic of HR, but before I go i do wonder with this fully formed fighting spirit after less than 2 months on these pages are you sure you are not the Lazarus Bill returned to us?
  23. Makes sense. Possibly mixed in different circles during half term and then introduced it to class mates. If its just a halt term effect it should burn itself out. But winter is definitely drawing closer so we shouldn't yet dismiss the idea of this as the start of a wider trend.
  24. Aggy, I can't help feeling that there are better people to get intona fight with than KG, he's one of the good guys. I do think there has been a bit of gloating on both sides (why in earth there are 'sides' I don't know but there are). Anyway. Slight pick up this week. Hopefully a half term and festival effect. I guess we'll know in the coming days.
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