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Characters in the team

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I wonder what the training days are like now, when players were asked who had the best banter in the team, the reply would usually be Holt or Tierney, with both gone, Who''s going to take up that mantle ?

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I think there are bits of evidence all over the place.

I was looking at a video on Holt''s twitter page the other day and he was playing golf with Snodgrass and they were endlessly ripping the piss out of each other - mainly Holt taking the piss out of Snodgrass'' tight golf trousers mind you.

There was one of them working out in the gym at Colney and Russ Martin seems to have a good sense of humour too. Not to mention the banter from Ruddy on twitter.

I think the team spirit remains good. I think Holt going has possibly been known by some of the other players for a while now.

You have the Leeds boys and I am pretty sure they all continue on the banter they likely had before.

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