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Breaking: Ipswich Town’s Paul Taylor spared jail over pub assault

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5:25 PM

Ipswich Town striker Paul Taylor has been handed a suspended jail sentence for his part in a late-night assault.

Striker Taylor, 25, from Rendlesham, Suffolk,

was handed a 24-week prison term, suspended for 18 months by a judge at

Ipswich Crown Court this afternoon.

He has also been ordered to pay his victim Shaun Grey £7,000 in compensation and £750 in costs.

Taylor was arrested after the incident at the Robert Ransome pub in Ipswich last October.

He admitted assault causing actual bodily harm to Mr Grey at an earlier hearing.

Olatunde Ademuyiwa, 24, of Beechway, Liverpool, also

admitted actual bodily harm and assault by beating of another man, Gary


Taylor had been granted bail on condition that he did not go to the Robert Ransome pub.

Taylor has been out of the Town squad since breaking a foot during a match in September.

He has played just three times since completing his move from fellow Championship side Peterborough United in August.

A little bit more to add to their glorious history.[:D]

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the most recent bleat from our dimwitted neighbours has ''form is temporary, class is permanent''to which some might suggest being stuck in the Championsip for nigh on 12 years does rather suggest permanency, also ngiven how that is longer than any current cluband as to class, well being up in front of the beak for a bar room brawl, having another one following him into the court for knocking his missus about whilst the 30 goals a season man has been found guilty of involvement in race fixing might not be the sort of behaviour the rest of the country would regard as class - but this is ipswich, so I suppose it is ''class'' ...... just as owing the council rent is classadd in defrauding the taxman and stealing rom local suppliers and you have on classy club

................... and one huge embarrassment for the rest of the region

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that presumes dear old Mick is still there come next Maywith ''far call'' in the way of money it''s going to be a hard old struggle - and there may well be offers that include having a transfer budget and a fair bit to spend on wageslike clubs with parachute money who want to get back into the PL before the money runs out who will seem a far, far better prospect than football''s workhouse

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