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If we fail to survive, how manny of the present squad are likely to survive clear out and re-building?

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With the season nearly over, and to sum up where are the continuing problems are, assume that we go down and bounce back in two years.


Likely to survive both:





May survive:

Martin R








Bennett E

Bennett R


Probably not


Holt (-age)



Wes (-age)



I may have missed one or two.

My criteria are:

Consistency (- Pilks, Snoddy and even Wes fail this test)

Skill and/or pace - accounts for the other doubtfuls in my list.


It remains to see what the club would do in the event, and other posters may disagree with my selections, but if you are even slightly persuaded by my selection, it may explain our poor performance recently. Too many of our squad are good players but can reach something like Premiership level only by playing out of their skins. Several have become jaded by the long season and others are inconsistent in performance. I suspect that these two reasons go some way to explaining our recent reduced performance levels.

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Not really a case of "surviving the clearout". The real question is which players, who could command a place in another PL team (and that''s certainly not all) will want to stay. I suspect several will have their agent on speed dial seconds after the final whistle at the Etihad should things not go our way. Can you see Seb relishing a wet Tuesday night at Oakwell?

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I''d keep them all and let them fight for their places. Holt and Wes would again do well in the Champs IMO.  The only person I''d definitely get rid of is Hughton !!!

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the question is do we want as many of the squad that got us promoted (and most of them are still on our books) to go and try to do it again...........or do we want as many of the players we''ve signed since then to be here as the promotion squad of a couple of years ago "might" not have the motivtion to do it again?

The answer is probably a mixture of both?...remember that our "Leeds quartet" didnt get anywhere near promotion with their previous club but you''d still need the core of players that did i.e Martin,Hoolahan,Holt.

as I''ve said on other threads .....I can''t think of another Championship squad that could boast the striking options of Van Wolfswinkel (McNally isn''t lying to us is he??), Holt, Becchio and Vaughan.....the latter 3 should get 20 each...the first of that quartet should get 35??

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Also will Lambert be hovering around for some of the younger players that he brought in? I''m sure someone like Ryan Bennett could make Villas first team.

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i think we can wave goodbye to all those that have shown they can cut it in the top flight (when the manager knows wtf he is doing)



if we are lucky we might keep r.bennettalso worth noting e.bennet caught a few peoples attention under lambert, so might have to add him to that list

given the money available to the lower half/newly promoted teams they are all affordable

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also worth considering a lot of those that have been shipped out on loan or sat on the bench/not used this season might not be overly happy about playing for the club/be overly committed given that the manager didnt want to use them this season

said ages ago, relegation this would be a disaster, not just for the money, but because what we would be left with, the gap to the championship from now will be gigantic, and even promoted clubs from 2014/15 will find it nearly impossible to compete because the top flight teams will have that extra years financial head startdoesnt bode well

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