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  1. Tarquun doesn''t like egotistical use of the third person.
  2. Tool who was at the game. Were you? I rest my case ...
  3. Absolute rubbish! Us fans in the ground did NOTHING. The players decided, as a man, to do it for the plastics. They may never go to games, and give no financial or emotional support whatsoever bit they are the HEROES. This is their day. Armchair fans, Norwich City owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude.
  4. Much, much more interested in seeing attacking exciting football than which division we happen to be in. Wonder how many of those who would prefer PL, no matter how mind-numbingly dull the football actually don''t stump up to watch this dross in the flesh and really mean "retain the facility to watch games on streams no matter how poor the football. ST for 25 years, away games when circumstances allow.
  5. Actually, I very much doubt we have sold out. That there are none currently for sale means circa 22000 existing season ticket holders have renewed OR have yet to decide, they have until June to do so. I think many will be in the latter group, waiting to see which division we will be playing in and, perhaps, who is in charge?
  6. I think it''s more a case of realism. Willing the boys to victory will have bugger all effect if the players lack the wherewithall and stomach for the fight. There has been precious little evidence since the turn of the year that they do. We are also heading for a "must win" game under the guidance of a man whose every fibre of his being will be screaming to send out a team set up "not to lose". I fear the worst.
  7. Holt''s penalty miss. That new contract is looking like a rather costly error at the moment.
  8. Not really a case of "surviving the clearout". The real question is which players, who could command a place in another PL team (and that''s certainly not all) will want to stay. I suspect several will have their agent on speed dial seconds after the final whistle at the Etihad should things not go our way. Can you see Seb relishing a wet Tuesday night at Oakwell?
  9. Not so sure it does that much for the local economy. The clubs gets millions and passes the vast majority of this to a small group of pampered feckless individuals who the spend their "hard earned" (oh, the irony!) on platinum plated quad bikes or whatever this week''s fad is.
  10. Agree 100%. Relegation would not be the end of the world. Back to a competitive league with real teams, real fans, games played at the proper time, realustically priced tickets, a merciful lack or mercenary corporate hangers on. Dezparately clinginv on for 17th place year after year is boring beyond belief. Of course, appointing a manager who will encourage open attacking football would be a bonus.
  11. I would dearly like to know the combined Real Madrid team spend on hair styling products and Alice bands. Enough to fund a small dictatorship I''d wager
  12. By contrast, my back of fag packet calculations show a staggering £1 million loss per game!! Fortunately, like you, I haveknowledge of the actual figures/factors involved. And no evidence to back up my contention. Phew, what a relief!
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