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Lawro's Predictions - End of season review

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To be fair, a few teams aside, he hasn''t actually done that bad - and got a fair few results of ours correct during the run-in

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To me this shows that Lawro starts the season with a view (a bias in some cases) on how good a team is.  If he''s basically right, his predictions pan out reasonably well.

This year he was biased in favour of some teams, most obviously QPR, and against others such as us (although when we started beating Man U he changed and if anything his predictions towards the end were on average in our favour).


What irks me is that he doesn''t seem to feel he should do any research on the newly/recenly promoted teams, he just relies on what he will see over the season.  So at the start of last season he knew almost nothing about us and his predictions were biased against us.


Many of us on here are thinking Hull could struggle next season without knowing much about them as a team.  But then we''re not professional pundits who are paid to give views on this sort of thing, if I did this for a living then I''d spend a bit of time to find out about them before writing them off.

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