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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "I thought we wouldn''t

give in and fight until the end. No-one could predict we would score

three goals but we have great attitude, spirit and desire - and it got

us there. We deserved to win but we were against a strong side and

needed something special."
Well sorry Whinger but you did not deserve to win that match but you did get something special

Former Leeds manager Neil Warnock

are shaken after feeling such an injustice when a man 50-yards away

gives a decision for a penalty that no Arsenal player appeals for.
"You have a busy linesman over there. I get in trouble so much about referees but now I can say what I want"."That penalty that started this would not have been given at the other end of the pitch."

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker"Hugely

controversial decision at The Emirates for the equaliser. Linesman

gives a dubious penalty from afar following a corner that never was."

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..something special indeed. I bet the lino will be buying something special. Cheat.

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Yes, he is clearly angry and questions how an official from 50 yards can give a decision that the ref from 10 yards cannot.

We can all take being beaten by a better team on the day but this game turned on a corner that never was.

BTW, does anyone seriously believe our players have only been fouled once in the area this season as that''s the number of penalties we have been given.

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[quote user="AJ"]Anything from Hughton?[/quote]

Norwich manager Chris Hughton:

"Losing in that manner is frustrating. For 85 minutes you have to

accept the balance of possession is going to be Arsenal''s. But we

battled well, broke when we could, took the lead and made it difficult

for them.

"If it''s a bit of quality that opens you up, then you hold

your hands up. But a decision has gone against us that a linesman has

given from 45 to 50 yards away and the referee is less than 10 yards


"For a linesman to give it from that distance, and the third

goal was offside with him 10 yards away, it''s almost criminal on a day

that we deserved so much more."

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For Chrissy H that is pretty strong comments about an officials performance. Sums it it up pretty well.

Gutted, cheated and Narked off !

Great performance today only to be cheated.

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