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quote user="Stringers army"]Is it possible to get the EDP delivered to my house in Kent?


I manage to read it on line when not at home, the modern world is a wonderful thing I even read it on line when I''m in Kenya


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You can get it a form that is compatible with an IPAD which has a more "newspaper-like" feel to it.

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Fairly sure everyone abide''s by this [;)]

3. Users must not post messages which:

  • Are insulting, abusive, racist, sexist, or

    derogatory in any way to others, whether they are individuals or

    companies, social or religious groups or people of a different

    background, users of the Forum or not.

  • Threaten, intimidate, victimise or harass others.

  • Make libellous comments about individuals or

    companies, including Archant newspapers, magazines or websites, and

    their staff or contributors. The law against defamation protects

    individuals or organisations from attacks on their reputation. This

    means the publication of any statement which: exposes them to hatred,

    ridicule or contempt , causes them to be shunned or avoided, discredits

    them in their trade, business or profession, or generally lowers them in

    the eyes of right thinking members of society. Unlike other charges,

    the onus is on you in cases of libel, as the author, to prove your

    statement or comment is legal.

  • Result in contempt of court – do not post

    anything which could prejudice court proceedings currently or in the

    future. It is basically contempt of court to comment on any crime once

    someone has been arrested for it, even if they have not yet been

    charged. That is when proceedings become active and potential jurors may

    be swayed by what they read.

  • Contain explicit language or vulgarities

  • Use foreign languages 

  • Impersonate or represent any person or entity in an attempt to deceive, harass or otherwise mislead another member.

  • Incite illegal activity including the glorification of terrorism or incitement to racial hatred. 

  • Infringe intellectual property rights or

    transmit any material that you don''t have the right to transmit under

    law (such as copyright or trade secrets)

  • Link to and/or references content not allowed under these guidelines.

  • Use the service in a manner deemed inappropriate by Archant.

  • Impede or disrupt the flow of the discussions in the Forum.

  • Include personal information about others, or

    publish private correspondence or report conversations where there has

    been a reasonable expectation of privacy from other parties


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So that''s everyone banned then Barbie . SDP may as well pull down the shutters.By the way you must be telling porkies about living in Archant Towers. No, not because it''s an office block but more to do with that strange apostrophy in the first line [;)]

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