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A plea to the players

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I posted this on the official site message board but figured it also deserved some board space here too:

This is a heartfelt plea to the players from a remote City fan who is dismayed at the state that his club finds itself in.

Another game. Another Saturday. Another no-show by many of the great and good that now wear the yellow and green.

Yet the club continues to garner THE BEST away support in the whole of the Championship.

These fans pay out their hard earned cash - limited cash some may argue

- to follow their heroes. But sadly their heroes aren''t behaving in a

manner worthy of that mantle at the moment.

All I ask of the players in these trying moments is this.

When you cross that white line at the start of the match remember to do just one thing.

You may not feel up to playing for the manager and staff at the moment.

You may not feel like playing for your own personal pride at present.

You may even feel that playing for the shirt is not where you''re currently at.

But, at least, find it in your nature to have the courtesy to go out

and play for the fans who are earning a mere fraction of what you

yourselves earn in a week. Doing what many of the fans can only dream

of doing.

In any other walk of life your conduct would be considered

unprofessional and you would probably be shown the door in a short

space of time. In football, you are afforded more luxury than that and

the person shown the door is the man in charge. If you don''t agree with

what the manager is doing then find a more constructive way to take the

issue to those in charge of the club. But don''t do the paying public an

unjustice by not giving your all.


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And, dear player, stop surfing internet message boards and go training or get some rest or do something to build your fitness, ANYTHING to get us out of this mess..



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Speaking as another remote Canary who finally got round to joining the site rather than just reading it now and then, I couldn''t agree with you more Morph, well said mate. OTBC (through gritted teeth admittedly just now).

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Brilliant, Morph! 

I''ve actually been in the ''Worthy Out'' camp for some weeks now, albeit with more than a tinge of sadness inside me, as I think Mr W''s basically a decent enough bloke who''s just run out of tactical ideas.

For example (and there are many we can all quote) compare his ''approach'' last Saturday ("I want an honest team who rough the opposition up a bit") with the way Derby''s manager deliberately created a shield around Idiakez so he could weave his magic. Absolutely brilliant, and with both feet - what I''d give to have him in our midfield, once we''ve sent Etuhu back oop north... 

No response from us for a full 45 mins (it was obvious Mr W didn''t know what to do)... and then hardly an appropriate one in the second half.  No forward thinking; nor capable of thinking on his feet.  That''s what been missing and, regrettably, will never be there... the Peter Principle ** is now all too evident in Mr W.


As you say, even so, there''s no excuse for half/zero effort from some of the players.  We know most of them can play well; we''ve seen it.  So, I think you''re right to call for them each to look in the mirror before they trot out onto the Crewe Alex pitch on Saturday.   

Win or lose, however, I do believe we need a fresh managerial and coaching start now - as well as a bit of a clear-out in January, if we can get other teams (e.g Plymouth/Jarrett) to take some of the dead wood.

Cross my palm with silver and I''ll name names....

PS  ** the Peter Principle - everyone rises to their own level of incompetence...

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Very good post Morph.

I have a lot of time for our travelling support, its a very tiring life

when holding down a full-time job. Not only that, it pretty much does

in your holiday allowance over the course of a season. Seeing the team

do well, or at least look like they give a toss makes those 6hr coach

rides seem a little less hideous.

As a word of warning for the future, I know of one ardent away

supporter who stopped going after the Woves match after a stint where

he missed less than a dozen away games in 5 years.

Can''t blame him to be honest, I wouldn''t have the stamina for it if we were winning every game.

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