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Canary Boy

Which set would you rather have?

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M Louis-Jean
A Hughes
J Jarrett
D Marney
P Thorne
J Colin



G Holt
D Francis
M Jonson
T Helveg
M Edworthy
M Svensson
D Bentley

I''d rather have set 2. I think we really miss Helveg''s experience at the back and Jonson, Francis and Bentley''s attacking nature in midfild. Svensson didn''t only have height but was creative as well. He also scored the odd vital goal here and there. Holt worked hard but was a bit out of depth in the Premiership. Only Edworthy I don''t miss.

Any comments on our signings?

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Given that we are now in Championship and not in Premiership, I would say we have pretty much like for like

Colin and Louis Jean for Helveg and Edworthy (Helveg was better on paper - didn''t really perform though. Edworthy was excellent whenever I saw him)

Jarrett for Francis (Francis in first half of last season was stronger - probably worse in second half)

Hughes for Holt - pretty even

Thorne for Svensson - from what I have seen Thorne is weak but he has a good track revord at this level

Marney for Bentley - Marney is better

No-one for Jonson though

For me a better comparison is with the squad that got us promoted. On paper we are stronger I think - hopefully we just need time to gel and gain confidence?

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Good question.

Holt - Heart and 3 lungs in the right place. I feel he could have filled the Francis role in the Championship (only without the goals!)

Bentley - Thank the goddess Delia he''s gone! Marney is ten times better, and I''ve only seen him play twice! How is Bentley going to get into Mark Hughes'' ''Thug Suad'' at Blackburn?!

Edworthy - Don''t get me started! I can''t fathom why we offloaded him (especially when you look at the replacements). He was a no-nonsense defender, ideal for the Championship. He gave us his all in a yellow shirt, and I will miss him(After the performance at Stoke, the team obviously does too).

Svensson - He had a difficult role in his time here, and I don''t blame him for going. But I feel he could have shone in the Championship.

Helveg - Only started to impress when it was too late, not the calibre of player needed for the Championship. Good Riddance.

Jonson - Ditto the above, apart from the ''started to impress'' bit!

As for our new players, Louis-Jean looks Ok in parts, but seems to be confused at times as to his role.

Jarrett - too soon to tell.

Marney - sign him in the Transfer window!

Thorne - Looked good in time I saw him against Coventry, nice touch, good runs. Could be a good option as an attacking midfielder.

Colin - Looks totally lost at this level.

Hughes - Reading let him go for £300K, nuff said! Maybe I''m being harsh, I hope he will be the best signing Worthy made. If he''s not, then Worthy''s reputation goes with him!

On balance, and given time, I feel that the new signings will be better. However, time is the important factor. Before long, it will be a luxury we cannot afford!

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[quote]Given that we are now in Championship and not in Premiership, I would say we have pretty much like for like Colin and Louis Jean for Helveg and Edworthy (Helveg was better on paper - didn''t really pe...[/quote]

Its swing and roundabouts.

The squad isn''t as strong as last year but then it wouldn''t be would it - we got relegated!!

To compare this squad with our promotion squad is interesting.

Goalkeeper. Say no more. We have more keepers then we know what to do with.

Defence. I think we''re weaker this time around. We had Edworthy, Drury, Fleming and Mackay. This year we have a lot of unproven potential in the team in Colin and Louis-Jean. Fleming is past his best and we haven''t replaced Mackay - unless we give Doherty a run in the team, we won''t get anything from him. Drury is still trying to recapture the form of our promotion season.

Midfield. Much weaker. We had Mulryne, Mcveigh, Holt, Huckerby, Cooper, Francis, Brennan, Harper, Easton and Rivers. Take away Mulryne, Holt, Cooper, Harper, Easton, Rivers and Francis and add in Hughes, Jarrett, Safri and Marney. We are much lighter in numbers and experience although Harper and Cooper were short term loans and Rivers was excluded from selection for much of the season. The starting lineup must be close but theres very little depth. We lack a playmaker but Hughes shows some potential here.

Attack. Its tough. Our starting 2 is better but overall the strikeforce may be weaker. We had Crouch, Henderson, Roberts, Svensson, Mckenzie. We now have Ashton, Thorne, Mckenzie, Henderson, Jarvis.

I''m not sure theres that much in it. The main difference is confidence which we seem to be lacking at the moment.

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very close, i might just choose set 2. Although the only real regret i have is selling svensson. We have missed him greatly. The others were worth the money, but we didnt spend any of it

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This is like comparing apples with pears and deciding which is best!

Without a doubt the second set.  Holt and Eddy were excellent squad members proven at champs level but played too frequently in the prem by a manager who failed to spot they were out of their depth despite trying their very hardest.  Both appear to be far superior to their replacements (Jarrett, Hughes, ML-J, Colin) when looking at their impacts at this level with previous clubs. 

Helveg, Jonson, Damo, Sven & Bentley were all core components of a prem team that competed well in the prem, in a team let down by inappropriate team and tactics selection unil too late,  winning games at the end of the season when playing in the same side.  There is not one of this summers signings that I would keep if a free swap were offered today for any of these 7 players - but thats football.

Of these players worthy disposed of just Holt & Jonson.  Eddy chose not to renew his contract when first choice right back,  Helveg wanted to pursue a (forlorn) dream of one more world cup, Damo wanted to get out full stop, Bentley was never ours and Sven took advantage of his contract terms to secure his future (personally I agree city could not offer him more than 2 years given his slow recovery from frequent knee injuries at his age, despite the clear passion and abiliy he possessed).   

However the hand we have is set one, and worthy has top identify quickly how to get the best out of them and whip them into shape.


(Clearly apples are superior, as I am allergic to pears!)   

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[quote]The reasons Eddy didn''t take the contract are not known to us. It could have been a derisory offer in which case the problem is of ncfc''s doing and not ME''s.[/quote]

Tis a fair point FTFW; however I have, perhaps naively, assumed that the offer we made was reasonably sound as the noises from worthy at the time suggested it was good... 

However if I were to find out that ML-J''s wages were higher than eddys offer then I would be displeased;  however as Eddy was made an offer while we were in the prem I would be astounded if that were the case.  

At the end of the day Ciy did offer Eddy a contract which Eddy did not think worth taking up..


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I am sure this was a point that was raised before the season started with most posters saying that this years squad was better than last years.  6 games in and it''s turned on it''s head. 

The squad from last year had much more quality. 

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 sorry canary boy ,but in no way do i miss helveg ,jonson or bently all three came highly overated,.eddy would have done a much better job than lj or c,as he is showing at derby.should have done more to keep svenny here as we have missed a player like him.to be honest it would be a bit of a mix of 1 and 2 for me.

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ok, lets try these sets -


Crystal Palace






Sheff Utd

The scum






Yeovil (Scum beaters - love them)






because i''ll tell you what, if worthy''s crazy idea that he can go thru the season with no players remains, then we are in real danger of being in and amongst set2 next season - im behind worthy 100% as i am behind anyone who is employed by the club but im beginning to think he may have taken us as far as he can - but he MUST get players in and he must do it now.....SORT IT OUT WORTHY

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