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Best Norwich related pun names

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Hi all,

Dream Team season is almost upon us; and as a way of providing some lighthearted preseason entertainment I thought it would be cool for people to share the best football related pun-names.

I''ve seen some great ones in the past such as;

Absolutely Fabregas and 50 Shades of O’Shea

Norfolk-n-Chance is the only real Norwich related name I''ve ever seen like this, has anybody got any good Norwich related ones?

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I''m hooperless with puns and it would take me a ruddy long time to come out with any good ones. In fact I''m at my whitts end trying to think of  any.  I''ll just go jerome and grabban other cup of tea and forget about all about it, settle back with a dvd - maybe Voo Vadis or Benno Hur........

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