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  1. Come On Norwich :) 1-1   I See A Thumping For Wolves
  2. Was A Very Promising Start. Come On Norwich, Chris Killen In The 82nd Minute, Will Do Nicely
  3. Personally, I would sign 2 midfielders, 2 defenders, 2 strikers... Sign david marshall permenently Lee Marten on loan from manchester united, only 19 but is very very good, i seen him on loan at rangers, he is not scared to take on players and has the end product
  4. anyone know the rough line-up? i am going for a 2-1 win :d
  5. After his first 90 minutes, what do u think of him? I think he has done himself proud, Won 50/50 balls against the defenders, didnt do much wrong, always looking for the ball and making himself available. ??????????????????????????
  6. Is there any way to watch the game on the net ?
  7. Gd to see Renton On Mite b able 2 show ppl what he can do Good luck Mate (y)
  8. Give the boy till the end of next season, y put down a 16 year old playing for your club, he must have something gd if he is reaching the bench, just remember he wos only picked up this year.
  9. don''t agree with u there 1st team regular in years 2 come
  10. yes very true we should give as many youngsters a half of first team footabll if we can
  11. Yeh, Agree.. They are no use to have sitting on the bench and not getting a game And next season loan dem out, let them get first team experience and when they come back they will b ready.
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