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    Nothing Much.

    In todays telegraph crossword is the clue `horologist to keep an eye on manufacturer`, -clockmaker?-. Anyway it reminds me of an article I read that the Queen is looking for a head horologist. This job not only involves looking after the royal family collection of clocks but also the person needs to be able to engineer replacement parts. Salary if I remember was about twenty five thousand, an absolute pittance for someone who has to be a very skilled man.  What brought this on? In a restaurant today the missis was flicking through a magazine {Devon life} and there was an advert for a cream tea at Highgrove, SEVENTY FIVE QUID !!!!No wonder the royal have got so much money!
  2. Check out `rival sons`. The crossroads festival is an hour or so of good rock/blues.
  3. Agree with the above posts, why don`t these bands pack up at the top?
  4. Posted this before somewhere, between top of the poppers and money making machine Status Quo were the most incredible rock/blues band. Saw them many times in the early seventies, check out "dog of two head" album. Now imagine "someone`s learning" in a packed pub venue at a ballistic volume, quo were very unfashionable at the time but they stuck with it and deserve their success. Mind you I agree with the people who say they should have packed in in years ago.
  5. Definitely not over, although I do not wish to see Norwich relegated I am a lifelong gooner and want Arsenal to win. However, the Arsenal over the last few years have become specialists at shooting themselves in the foot, all is not lost.
  6. JB

    Nothing Much.

    This Saturday in Woodchurch is an evening of fifties and sixties music followed by fish and chips. When I mentioned this to the missis she said, "I don`t know anyone in Woodchurch, that means I will have to talk to you", always nice to feel wanted.
  7. Here is what Brendan will say to his team...`be careful lads these canaries have got the right `ump, they are going down and Ipswich are going up`.
  8. JB

    Nothing Much.

    Me and the missis have a holiday in Dawlish booked later in the year so I was pleased to see the railway line has been repaired. They replaced several hundred yards of track, trust me with modern track laying equipment this is nothing. They tell us the repairs cost thirty five million quid, even taking into consideration the terrain this is an enormous amount of money, I told them not to buy the concrete from Harrods.
  9. JB

    Nothing Much.

    Bukuru? No not that old dog, he bit me once {twice in fact} and I got banned, EDP said I was banned for fifty years! I kid you not. With tablets, wi fi, dongles etc its all a bit pointless but I will try to be nice, I am in fact John, no not that John that whippers thinks is everyone else but the other John, John
  10. JB

    Ukraine Protests

    Can`t pretend to be knowledgeable about the region but I think the EU`s interference was a dog given opportunity for Putin to act. Say one thing about the Russian president, at least he is not in the pocket of the Israelis.
  11. Status Quo are often mocked but between top of the poppers and money making machine they were the most incredible live blues band {check out someone`s learning}. Enjoying the `frantic four` videos, yes I`m an old git but Francis Rossi does for the telecaster what Hendrix did for the strat and if I had to choose one album to listen to for the rest of my days it would be Ma Kelly.
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